Good morning, I got here throughout your balding weblog and assume that it’s an amazing useful resource. Thank you for doing that. I see folks ask you all types of questions and I wasn’t positive the right way to put up on there and/or ask one thing anonymously so I figured I might e mail you. I had  alopecia on my scalp into which I had roughly 3,200 FUE grafts transplanted into the scar to hide it (not abruptly however in smaller separate procedures).  I uploaded an image of a few centimeter or so of my donor space the place grafts have been extracted and was questioning when you can from the image assist me estimate roughly what number of grafts I nonetheless have left in my donor in case I would like future transplants.  I counted 32 follicular models and 78 hairs in order that comes out to a median of about 2.4 hairs per unit. I attempted doing the maths I noticed you clarify on one in all your threads and here’s what I bought. The common donor space is 12,500 models X 2.4 hairs = 30,000 hairs. You want roughly 12,500 hairs remaining within the donor space to supply sufficient protection so 30,000-12,500= 17,500 movable hairs. 17,500 hairs ÷ 2.4 hairs per graft equals 7,291 accessible grafts that I might transfer. That would have meant that earlier than I used these 3,200 grafts for the scaring alopecia that I might have had a complete of 10,491 harvestable grafts in my donor. Is that even attainable?

Your donor density is increased than common.  What you didn’t have in mind is your hair thickness, a vital think about figuring out your harvestable donor space. Remember, that there are solely 50,000 follicular models on the top of which 25% of them are within the donor space.  If you’re pondering that you just take out greater than half or 2/3rds of your donor space hairs, you can be in hassle.

How many grafts have been eliminated completely?  Answer 3200.  Were these all follicular unit grafts?  Yes?   Subtract that quantity from 12,500 whole donor provide and the remaining follicular models and also you get 9,200 graft remaining.  If your hair is ok, the precise variety of grafts which can be accessible will probably be considerably lower than in case your have a rough hair.  Medium is someplace within the center. You may nonetheless have a big donor reserve based mostly upon the hair thickness of the donor hair.  Does this assist?


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