The heat solar in your face, relaxed vibes and naked pores and skin at golden hour are all hallmarks of summer season that may enhance your temper. But can in addition they put you within the temper?

Your libido, also referred to as your intercourse drive, is influenced by a wide range of psychological, emotional and physiological components. And for some, summertime supplies the recipe for that lovin’ feeling, due to actions that cut back stress and enhance your total well-being.

“Since libido is so multifactorial, putting on a swimsuit, taking a vacay and sipping a cool mocktail can definitely improve your mood, which then in turns boosts libido,” says Heather Bartos, M.D., an OB-GYN and member of HealthyWomen’s Women’s Health Advisory Council.

Every individual’s turn-ons are completely different, however listed here are just a few causes chances are you’ll really feel revved up and able to warmth up these summer season nights. Carillet

More skin-to-skin contact

“Sun’s out, buns out” is the motto of summer season. From the pool to the seashore to only strolling down the road, pores and skin is in every single place this time of yr. And consensual skin-to-skin contact could be a big turn-on, particularly for ladies, Bartos defined. When you’re carrying a showering go well with and hugging your associate or taking part in collectively within the pool, there’s extra of a chance for skin-to-skin contact in the summertime.

Even in the event you’re not with another person, you’ve extra skin-to-skin contact with your self, touching your naked legs or operating your fingers down your naked stomach, igniting a tingling sensation that may get your motor operating. Skin-to-skin contact can assist launch oxytocin, a feel-good hormone usually dubbed the love hormone, which is essential for sexual arousal.

“Skin-to-skin contact isn’t just healthy for mothers and babies. It does wonders to enhance relationship satisfaction and increase sexual desire in women,” mentioned Emily Jamea, a licensed intercourse and relationship therapist. “When it’s summertime and the air is warm, there’s a bit more touch involved. People may feel freer and more uninhibited, opening the door to more sex.”

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Is Vitamin D an aphrodisiac?

Vitamin D is each a nutrient we will get from meals and a hormone made by the physique — however that requires daylight to hit our pores and skin. Vitamin D impacts the cardiovascular system, nervous system and endocrine system, which in flip have an effect on sexual need. One study discovered that vitamin D enhanced sexual need and improved the temper of girls ages 20 to 40, significantly in those that had been beforehand poor in vitamin D.

Considering that 42% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, getting just a few summer season rays could contribute to the next intercourse drive.

“Vitamin D can boost testosterone in men who tend to be lower than normal and boost estrogen levels in women, potentially translating to increased libido,” Bartos mentioned. “However, it’s unlikely that if your vitamin D levels are sufficient, taking more will turn you into a sex powerhouse.”

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Increased train = elevated libido

Colder climate could imply cuddling up at residence, whereas heat summer season climate entices you to get out and about, strolling, climbing, swimming and simply being extra energetic. Not solely does reasonable train have a plethora of advantages, together with decreasing stress (who can get within the temper after they’re burdened?), but it surely boosts testosterone ranges in individuals of all genders, probably growing sexual need. In truth, 20 minutes of biking has been proven to increase sexual arousal in ladies by 169%.

“Exercise releases endorphins, dopamine, serotonin — all those feel-good chemicals which are conducive to desire — and when you’re feeling better neurochemically, neurophysiologically, then you’re more likely to be interested in sex,” Jamea mentioned. “You’re also taking time to invest in your body, and we know that the more connected we are to our bodies, the better sex we have.”

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Sweat it out

Speaking of train, all that further sweat may encourage you to go for a roll within the hay. “In some studies, androstadienone [a pheromone present in male sweat] improved mood and focus in women, and this is potentially important for women’s sexuality,” Bartos mentioned.

This pheromone may lower the level of cortisol, the stress hormone that kills your sexual buzz, in addition to improve attraction — which might make you extra taken with getting it on.

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From summer season lovin’ to a frisky fall

If your intercourse drive isn’t skyrocketing in the summertime, no sweat. The fall may very well be your time to shine.

“Some people feel more frisky in the summer, due to more vacations, outdoor gatherings and fun in the sun, but others feel more frisky in the cooler months, cozying up to the fire, etc., so it just depends on the person,” Bartos mentioned. “Limited research has shown that fall may be the time of year where humans’ sex drives are the highest, due to male and female testosterone levels [being] highest in the fall, which may contribute to a higher libido.”

Case in level: According to the National Center for Health Statistics, most infants within the U.S. are born in the summertime, which implies — you guessed it — they had been conceived within the fall and winter.

Whatever season turns you on, get relaxed, get shifting and get touchy-feely together with your associate to amp up these feel-good hormones and get within the temper.

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