Do Collagen Peptides Actually Work?

Celebrities swear that including collagen peptides of their each day smoothies retains them wanting younger and glam. But what are collagen peptides anyway? And is that this seeming fountain of youth accessible to the remainder of us?

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Registered dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD, explains what collagen peptides are and what they will do to your physique.

What are collagen peptides?

“Collagen peptides are a supplement that can help your body replace its lost collagen,” Czerwony says. They’re a small, simply digestible type of collagen, a protein that happens naturally in your physique.

But why does collagen matter?

Collagen performs a significant function within the well being of your pores and skin, bones and connective tissues, maintaining joints robust, making pores and skin elastic and serving to shield your organs, in addition to different features. Simply put, collagen holds your physique collectively.

Starting in your 20s, although, your physique begins shedding collagen. By the age of 40, you’re prone to lose about 1% of your bodily collagen per yr, and menopause hurries up that loss, which contributes to wrinkles, stiff joints, worn-down cartilage and decreased muscle mass.

What do collagen peptides do?

Though we might not all be blessed with the genetics of Jennifer Aniston, we will nonetheless reap the potential advantages of collagen peptides, which she swears by. The star has stated she places a scoop in her smoothie every morning to maintain her pores and skin youthful and her physique limber.

Taking collagen peptides — also called hydrolyzed collagen or collagen hydrolysate — may help stop unwelcome well being woes by replenishing a few of your physique’s collagen provide. From pores and skin to intestine well being, Czerwony explains what collagen dietary supplements can do to your physique.  

1. Maintains pores and skin elasticity

It’s no secret that as we become old, our pores and skin will get duller and extra wrinkled. But collagen peptides may help give getting old pores and skin an help. “They help firm the skin and plump it up to keep you looking a little bit younger,” Czerwony says.

Studies show that collagen peptides may very well sluggish indicators of getting old by maintaining the pores and skin hydrated, which prevents wrinkles.

2. Eases joint ache

Are you beginning to creak? Your physique’s pure collagen retains your joints stretchy, which signifies that as your collagen manufacturing decreases, the probability of creating joint points like osteoarthritis will increase.

“Collagen peptides can help protect your ligaments and tendons,” Czerwony says, “So they’re worth a try for anybody who has arthritic pain or who works out a lot.” In research, collagen peptides are proven to considerably scale back joint ache amongst athletes, the aged and other people with degenerative joint illness.

3. Strengthens bones and muscle tissue

Osteoarthritis, after all, isn’t the one situation that may include getting old. Osteoporosis, which weakens the bones, can also be a danger.

Your bones are made primarily of collagen, so when your physique’s collagen manufacturing decreases, your bones weaken, making them extra inclined to fracture. Studies show that taking collagen peptides could also be useful in treating and stopping osteoporosis.

Collagen additionally makes up as a lot as 10% of your muscle tissue, so collagen peptides may be helpful to individuals with sarcopenia (a lack of muscle mass), too.

Types of collagen and collagen dietary supplements

Collagen peptides are available each capsule and powdered varieties and are usually produced from bovine (beef) or porcine (pork) sources. Marine collagen dietary supplements — produced from fish pores and skin or scales — are additionally accessible.

At least for now, there are not any vegan collagen dietary supplements, since collagen itself comes from the bones and pores and skin of animals.

Side results/dangers of taking collagen peptides

Good information: Unless you’re allergic to their substances, there are not any recognized negative effects of taking collagen peptides. As with the rest, test the label intently, however for those who’re allergy-free, try to be A-OK to attempt collagen peptides.

At worst, Czerwony says, they might not work — however there’s no actual danger. “More research is needed on the overall benefits of collagen peptides, but it’s well-documented that they won’t harm you, in proper doses,” she says. “So if you feel like you’re benefitting from them, go for it.”

Studies present that you could safely take 2.5 to fifteen grams of collagen peptides per day. Be positive to learn the label in your collagen peptides to find out how a lot you’re getting per scoop, and correctly observe dosing directions so as to add it to espresso, smoothies and protein shakes. One to 2 scoops (or tablespoons) is often customary.

How to take collagen peptides

“Take them in whatever way appeals most to start your day off right,” Czerwony says.

Collagen peptides shouldn’t flip gummy or gel-like after they get moist, which implies they’ll disappear into your each day drinks with out altering the style or consistency (although flavored variations can be found). If you discover that yours is clumping — particularly in chilly liquids — you might need to attempt one other model.

Is warmth dangerous for collagen peptides?

You would possibly’ve heard that warmth has a destructive impact on collagen peptides, however they aren’t impacted by warmth except they get actually, actually scorching — 572 levels Fahrenheit (300 levels Celsius) or above, to be precise.

So, positive, don’t warmth your collagen peptides in a pizza oven. But for those who’re simply placing them in your scorching cup of espresso, there’s no want to fret.

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