Fancy a spot of tea? Prefer black tea? Or possibly some matcha? What about hibiscus tea?

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While there are literally thousands of tea choices, you may need seen dandelion tea on the shop shelf if you had been restocking your tea provide.

Wait, what? Yes, dandelion tea is constructed from these pesky weeds you see in your yard. The plant is stuffed with nutritional vitamins, and when consumed as a tea, it might supply some advantages like decreasing irritation and reducing ldl cholesterol.

So, is it price including dandelion tea to your rotation?

Registered dietitian Nancy Geib, RD, LDN, explains dandelion tea advantages and what components to make use of to reap the advantages.  

What is dandelion tea?

The dandelion plant is named Taraxacum officinale and will be discovered on each continent aside from Antarctica.

And whereas you may even see dandelions popping up on tree lawns and backyards, each a part of the dandelion, together with the flower, root and stems, is definitely edible or in a position to be consumed.

But sometimes, dandelion tea is constructed from the leaves, though the basis is commonly floor and used as effectively. You may additionally discover teas which can be constructed from leaves, flowers and root. Most teas clearly label what a part of the dandelion was used.

“The only part not used is the stem due to its bitterness,” says Geib. “Leaves are best harvested in the spring. Roots are best harvested in the fall.”

Is dandelion tea wholesome?

Dandelion tea is reported to have a number of the similar dietary advantages as dandelions. And it’s stuffed with sure nutritional vitamins and minerals like:

“Dandelion tea has been known to be a volume diuretic, gently nudging digestive and detoxification liver and bile systems into gear,” reviews Geib.

And there are some extra potential advantages of dandelion root tea.

“Dandelion tea made using the root has a stronger detoxifying action on the liver than the leaves,” explains Geib. “And the root is a great ally for the liver, known to help clear up acne or other skin disruptions with the root cause being a stagnant liver.”

Geib shares extra advantages of dandelion tea:

Provides antioxidants

You’ve in all probability heard so much about antioxidants and the way good they’re for you and your well being. Antioxidants are your physique’s protection in opposition to free radicals, which might trigger harm to your physique on a mobile stage.

And research shows that dandelions — and by default, dandelion tea — have excessive quantities of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps defend in opposition to cell harm and oxidative stress. You may also discover polyphenols — an antioxidant generally present in pink wine — in dandelions and dandelion tea. Polyphenols, that are anti-inflammatory, may additionally assist with coronary heart well being, according to research.

Reduces irritation

Focusing on the polyphenols which can be present in dandelions, due to their anti-inflammatory properties, analysis reveals that dandelions could scale back irritation.

“Dandelions also contains taraxasterol, a compound known for having significant antioxidant properties that combat inflammation by regulating white blood cells and repress them from setting off inflammation unnecessarily,” says Geib.

Manages blood strain

If you’re making an attempt to handle your blood pressure, there are some promising indicators that dandelion tea could assist.

And that’s due to the degrees of potassium discovered within the tea. Potassium interacts along with your kidney and helps your very important organ take away extra sodium out of your physique. The nutrient may additionally assist scale back pressure in your blood vessel’s partitions, which might enhance your general coronary heart well being.

Manages blood sugar

Studies have proven that dandelion tea could have an effect on the regulation of lipid and sugar metabolism. This will be useful for these with Type 2 diabetes.

“The root of a dandelion benefits the body by improving digestion, inhibiting activity of lipase, known to reduce fat absorption, which may promote weight loss,” states Geib. “More specifically, weight loss is largely due to loss of water and not fat loss.”

Lowers ldl cholesterol

In the struggle in opposition to coronary heart illness, that you must have wholesome ldl cholesterol. And research shows that dandelions could assist by decreasing triglyceride ranges, that are simply as unhealthy as having excessive ranges of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Can you drink dandelion tea each day?

You can drink dandelion tea each day.

“Recommendations are two to three times a day,” says Geib. “Start your day with a cup of dandelion root tea and build it up slowly. Its diuretic properties can increase urination, so go gentle and let your body adjust to it first.”

She additionally says that the majority herbalists agree that long-term use of dandelion is required for greatest outcomes.

In the previous, dandelion tea has been used for numerous causes, together with as an urge for food stimulant and to assist enhance liver and kidney perform.

“However, though studies are inconclusive, recommendations are that individuals with liver, gallbladder problem or gallstones or kidney disease use caution when using dandelions — eating or drinking it,” notes Geib.

Care needs to be taken when you’re already taking a diuretic, as dandelion is a diuretic, too.

“As you would with dandelion, you want to talk to your healthcare provider before using dandelion tea,” says Geib.

There are sure medicines which will work together with the tea like:

  • Lithium.
  • Blood thinners.
  • Certain antibiotics.
  • Diuretics.
  • Certain coronary heart and blood strain medicines.

And when you’re pregnant, it’s greatest to keep away from ingesting dandelion tea, as research on how dandelion can have an effect on a being pregnant are inconclusive at the moment.

Also, those that have a ragweed allergy ought to keep away from dandelion.

While extra analysis is required to show all these potential well being advantages of dandelion tea, Geib says you can begin by including dandelion tea as a part of your morning routine.

“Dandelion tea can be used as a coffee substitute,” she continues. “While it doesn’t have caffeine, the roots have a flavor that’s comparative to coffee. It’s really quite tasty.”

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