If you’ve determined to make use of contraception tablets for contraception or different medical causes, your subsequent determination is which sort.

We talked to Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a scientific professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences on the Yale University School of Medicine and a member of HealthyWomen’s Women’s Health Advisory Council, about decisions girls have for contraception tablets and the way to decide on the correct one in your priorities and desires.

How do mixture and estrogen-free hormonal contraception tablets work?

There are two fundamental varieties of hormonal contraception tablets, that are additionally known as oral contraceptives. All of them embrace progestin, and a few additionally embrace estrogen.

The hormonal contraception tablets which have each estrogen and progestin are known as mixture tablets. Progestin is a lab-made model of the naturally occurring hormone progesterone. Estrogen-free tablets, which solely comprise progestin, are generally known as progestin-only tablets, POP or mini-pills.

Progestin is what retains you from getting pregnant. It suppresses ovulation and makes cervical mucus — the mucus on the entrance to the uterus — thick or pasty, which makes it hard for sperm to swim. So, progestin has a dual-action function in stopping being pregnant. The addition of estrogen to the capsule primarily works to control menstrual bleeding.

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How will my interval be affected by mixture contraception tablets? What about estrogen-free contraception tablets?

Some varieties of mixture contraception tablets are literally prescribed for the aim of interval administration: they’ll regulate durations and scale back interval ache. If you’re somebody who has terrible durations, with cramps, extreme move or each, chances are you’ll do higher on a mix capsule. The influence of estrogen-free tablets in your interval might be extra variable. Some girls get no durations in any respect, and a few get occasional bleeding.

Are there sure medical situations or the explanation why I can’t take sure varieties of contraception?

Yes. There are a number of medical situations and causes that you could be not be capable of take sure varieties of contraception. For instance, breastfeeding girls are discouraged from taking a capsule that accommodates estrogen as a result of it may possibly suppress breast milk manufacturing. Once you end breastfeeding, you possibly can change again to a mix capsule. Also, girls with migraine assaults could do higher on an estrogen-free capsule. Women whose healthcare suppliers are involved about blood clots ought to keep away from a capsule that accommodates estrogen as properly.

What unintended effects are most typical with every sort of capsule?

Side results are extra frequent if you first begin taking the capsule, as your physique adjusts to the hormones. They usually resolve after a month or two. They can embrace sore breasts, recognizing, adjustments in your interval, headache assaults or nausea. If your unintended effects are extreme, speak to your physician. You may have to modify the kind of capsule you’re taking.

Of course, some unintended effects, equivalent to adjustments to your menstrual cycle, might be fascinating. Some girls use the capsule to control, scale back the depth of and even skip their durations.

What occurs if I miss a capsule?

If you miss a capsule, take two the subsequent day. However, many suppliers will counsel girls utilizing estrogen-free tablets use a back-up contraception methodology for at the very least per week following the skipped dose. Missing one capsule with a mix capsule isn’t as vital.

How quickly will I be protected against getting pregnant as soon as I begin taking every sort of capsule?

For all kinds, for those who begin the capsule on the primary or second day of your interval, try to be protected as quickly as you begin taking it. If you begin in the course of your cycle, it may take longer to be efficient. Ask your healthcare supplier when you can begin to depend on your capsule for contraception.

Will taking hormonal delivery tablets now have an effect on my possibilities of getting pregnant sooner or later?

Using both sort of capsule mustn’t influence your potential to get pregnant later. And you don’t should be fearful about long-term use: neither sort of capsule will have an effect on your fertility prospects.

I all the time counsel to girls who’re utilizing the capsule and are planning a being pregnant sooner or later to make use of this time to get into the most effective form you possibly can. Good diet and train habits are very useful for a very good being pregnant. And I like to recommend you get additional folic acid when you’re attempting to conceive. Since you’re already within the behavior of taking a day by day capsule, why not change contraception for a vitamin that accommodates folic acid?

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