My unique submit on a gray hair treatment has gotten out of hand because of the fixed new updates. I’m due to this fact transferring all the latest gray hair reversal associated developments into this submit.

Grey Hair Reversal: Latest Updates

Update: September 6, 2023

A brand new South Korean firm named YJ Lab is raising funds to start out a large-scale medical trial for its distinctive melanin restoration expertise. The firm not too long ago developed a regenerative materials that restores the pigment of gray hair. It re-activates broken melanocytes and removes lively oxygen with a view to restore hair coloration. It has already carried out profitable inside trials.

Grey Hair Reversal Research
New gray hair reversal expertise. Source: YJ Lab.

Interestingly, YJ Lab is growing a specifically made comb outfitted with its refillable resolution. Consumers can then conveniently apply this melanocyte regeneration materials into the scalp.

Update: May 22, 2023

Per a new study from Takahiro Suzuki et al, topically utilized Rapamycin may reverse gray hair through mTORC1 inhibition. Rapamycin elevates the manufacturing of melanin and pigmentation. I coated rapamycin my my submit on autophagy.

Update: April 19, 2023

Cause of Grey Hair could also be Stuck Cells

The has been one more breakthrough on discovering the rationale behind hair going gray. Scientists from New York University (NYU) discovered that melanocyte stem cells (McSCs) cease roaming across the follicle and develop into fastened or “stuck” in limbo as we age. As a outcome, they fail to mature into fully-fledged melanocytes that give hair its pigment.

The scientists conclude that modulating McSC mobility might signify a brand new method for the prevention and even partial reversal of hair greying. The research lead investigator was Dr. Qi Sun and the senior investigator was Dr. Mayumi Ito, who I’ve talked about earlier than on this submit. I like her quote in Guardian:

“It is the loss of chameleon-like function in melanocyte stem cells that may be responsible for greying and loss of hair colour.”

Update: December 29, 2022

The Latest on Reversing Grey Hair

A new article on anti-aging has a number of objects of curiosity in relation to gray hair reversal. A 72-year-old scientist named Gregory Fahy injects sufferers (in addition to himself) with recombinant human progress hormone with a view to rejuvenate the thymus gland. This may assist reverse growing old to some extent. Dr. Fahy is described as “having thick dark brown hair and being in enviable shape for a guy of pension age.”

Hair Darkening
Dr. Fahy’s affected person with hair darkening and repigmentation.

One 70-year previous affected person named Hank Pellissier claims that “his hair, previously white, began growing in brown”. Note that Dr. Fahy’s prescribed routine additionally contains dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and Metformin. More particulars may be discovered on his company website and through their clinical trials page. Also of curiosity, Dr. Fahy confirmed a number of of his earlier than and after affected person hair repigmentation pictures at a Ted Talk in 2020. See after 13:20 mins in this video.

Update: June 22, 2022 — A new gene therapy therapy for a uncommon genetic illness (cystinosis) resulted in main hair darkening as a facet impact. Four of the 5 sufferers have gotten considerably darker hair, and the fifth simply began re-growing his hair submit therapy. Of word, this gene remedy entails modifying blood cells, and solely adjustments the DNA of a small fraction of the affected person’s cells.

Update: May 2022 — An attention-grabbing new video on NMN potentially reversing hair greying and pores and skin growing old. Do word that each the interviewer and interviewee are concerned within the sale of NMN merchandise. The viewer feedback in there are very attention-grabbing. Make certain to additionally learn my standard submit on NAD and NMN dietary supplements.

Minoxidil and Reversing Grey Hair

Update: May 2022 — Well recognized dermatologist Dr. Rodney Sinclair (an enormous proponent of oral Minoxidil) stated the next in a new Reddit AMA:

“I have seen hair darkening with minoxidil in my patients.”

Moreover, on Reddit, I’ve learn just a few posts from individuals stating that oral Minoxidil induced their gray hair to develop into darkish once more. In November 2022, one particular person even posted that after only one month of two.5 mg/day oral Minoxidil use, his chest and beard hair become dark again. Further under on this submit, I additionally focus on topical Minoxidil inflicting gray hair reversal in some circumstances.

Update: February 2022 — A very attention-grabbing research from China analyzes hair graying regulators each inside and out of doors the hair follicle in inflicting the depletion and dysfunction of melanocyte stem cells (MeSCs). Emerging evidences exhibits that nerves, adipocytes and immune cells exterior of the fast hair follicle atmosphere (bulge, bulb and dermal papilla) additionally play necessary roles within the regulation of MeSCs.

Stress and Premature Greying

Update: June 2021 — A brand new experiment mapped human hair greying in relation to recent life stress events. I’m very skeptical about stress inflicting untimely hair greying in most individuals. I’ve devoted an entire part to this standard topic within the second half of this submit.

Update: April 2021 — Harvard University scientists and a staff from South Korea are growing a therapy for gray hair using pigment stem cells in hair follicles.

Grey Hair Reversal
50 p.c of gray hair is re-pigmented after dupilumab therapy. Before and after at 16 weeks. Source: The Journal of Dermatology.

Update: September 2020 — Japanese scientists found an surprising side-effect of dupilumab: reversal of hair graying. Dupilumab is a twin inhibitor of interleukin 4 and interleukin 13. It is used to deal with allergic illnesses corresponding to eczema, bronchial asthma and nasal polyps.

Update: August 2020 — Make certain to take heed to this interesting podcast on reversing grey hair.

Update: June 2020 — Chinese scientists discovered re-pigmentation of hair in a majority of Alzheimer illness sufferers after extended cholinesterase inhibitor therapy.

Hair Repigmentation
Hair repigmentation after Ustekinumab. Source: Ann Dermatol. 2021 Jun;33(3):300-301.

Update: June 2020 — South Korean researchers offered the primary case of Ustekinumab-associated hair re-pigmentation. Ustekinumab is a monoclonal antibody medicine that targets interleukin 12 and interleukin 23. It is used to deal with Crohn’s illness, ulcerative colitis, plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Update: April 2020 — A brand new synthetic melanin nanoparticle coating methodology was deemed as a safer, unhazardous and longer lasting option to dye hair.

Update: March 2020Eirion Therapeutics had its patent for a gray hair therapy published. It entails utilizing plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (pai-1) inhibitors to stop hair graying. Eirion’s pre-clinical product candidates for hair loss and gray hair prevention are ET-02 and ET-03.

Not Irreversible

Update: January 2020Medication-Induced repigmentation of gray hair evaluation.

“As evidenced by the many cases of gray hair repigmentation in the literature, the development of gray hair may not be an irreversible process. Gray hair is a natural course of aging; however, it may not be an inevitable or permanent process.”

Update: January 2020 — Scientists from the US and Brazil discovered that excess stress can turn pigmented hair white. Moreover, when cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) protein was suppressed in mice, their fur didn’t change coloration.


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