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Can The Mono Diet Help You Lose Weight? What Experts Want You To Know

Can The Mono Diet Help You Lose Weight? What Experts Want You To Know

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When famed magician Penn Jillette lost a whopping 75 pounds in just three months by weight-reduction plan alone, he launched his weight reduction efforts by consuming solely potatoes for 2 full weeks. And he’s not the one one who’s tried this excessive strategy — which is named “the mono diet.” Essentially, the mono food plan entails sticking to just one meals group, and it’s been slowly however steadily surging in recognition as a possible strategy to shed kilos with out having to stick to any complicated guidelines.

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A fast search on Instagram for the hashtag #monomeal will reveal greater than 48K posts that includes single-food meals, from papaya to tomatoes. But it’s price noting that when Jillette was consuming solely spuds, he was following the mono food plan underneath medical supervision. So the actual query turns into: can the mono food plan alone actually assist you shed weight? And extra importantly, is it wholesome? After all, consuming only one meals or meals group, even when only for just a few weeks, can imply lacking out on sure key vitamins.

Whether you’re searching for to jumpstart your weight reduction or just on the lookout for an easier consuming plan that eliminates any guesswork, right here’s what specialists need you to know concerning the mono food plan earlier than you attempt it.

What Is the Mono Diet?

True to its title, the mono food plan includes solely consuming one singular meals — some well-liked picks embrace eggs, hen, potatoes, bananas, and apples. However, a looser interpretation is simply consuming one meals group, corresponding to fruit, legumes, greens, or meat. 

Typically, the mono food plan is simply used for one to 2 weeks to rev up weight reduction earlier than regularly introducing further meals.

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Benefits of the Mono Diet

There are many perks to the mono food plan to contemplate, together with:

Convenience: Only needing to purchase one meals in bulk on the grocery retailer can undoubtedly make your life simpler. Plus, there’s no have to prep and prepare dinner multi-ingredient meals, which makes it extra handy, notably when you’ve got a busy way of life.

Simplicity: There’s no have to rely energy or macros, measure portion sizes, observe your meals consumption, or test substances labels if you’re on the mono food plan. This is a pretty facet for many who don’t wish to take care of the complexities that include different well-liked diets like keto, paleo, or Whole 30.

Decrease in calorie consumption: You will very seemingly find yourself consuming fewer energy when just one meals is allowed — in spite of everything, simply what number of bananas are you able to eat in a day? However, it’s essential to level out that any ensuing weight reduction from the mono food plan is usually solely non permanent. Since you’re clearly not going to be chopping out all different meals perpetually, the load you misplaced whereas limiting could merely be gained again after you resume your regular consuming habits. 

Can assist to determine meals allergic reactions: “In rare cases of people with extreme digestive issues or food intolerances, temporarily following an approach similar to this could potentially have some utility in identifying food reactions and food culprits,” says Samantha McKinney, a registered dietitian at Life Time. For instance, Dr. Josh Axe — D.N.M., C.N.S, D.C., founding father of Ancient Nutrition,, and writer of the brand new, best-selling guide Ancient Remedies — notes that when you’re solely consuming meat whereas following a mono food plan, you would possibly discover your digestion improves since you’re chopping out refined carbs, sugar, or different doubtlessly problematic kinds of meals.

Does the Mono Diet Work for Weight Loss?

Whether or not you shed weight — and the way a lot precisely you lose — will rely partly on which meals you’re consuming on the mono food plan, how a lot you’re consuming, and the way you’re getting ready it. Many individuals will drop kilos when following the mono food plan, however there aren’t many scientific research proving this — solely anecdotal proof.

“The greatest advantage that the mono diet has is that it’s restrictive and therefore an easy way to reduce calorie intake,” says Dr. Axe. “This means that it’s likely to lead to weight loss, often pretty quickly.”

That mentioned, it’s essential to remember that because the mono food plan isn’t sustainable over the long run, you could achieve again the load when you resume your regular food plan.

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Potential Risks of the Mono Diet

If you’ve ever struggled with an consuming dysfunction, extremely restrictive fad diets like this one might steer you into harmful territory. But that’s not the one danger to pay attention to. You is also extra vulnerable to dietary deficiencies.

“There are no single foods that can supply all of the macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are required for proper functioning,” explains licensed dietitian-nutritionist Gina Keatley. “Moreover, this is disordered eating and it is important to determine why you would want to consume only one food.” 

McKinney provides that dietary deficiencies will be severe and will result in a number of well being points — from heart problems to brittle bones, hormonal imbalances, and extra.

For instance, let’s say you’re solely consuming hen. While you’ll get loads of protein and B nutritional vitamins, you received’t meet your wants for fiber or vitamin C.

Not solely are you prone to lacking out on sure important vitamins on the mono food plan, however you may additionally battle to eat sufficient energy — which analysis has proven can slow down your metabolism and even trigger muscle loss, thus truly sabotaging your makes an attempt to shed weight (particularly when you’re consuming underneath 1,000 energy a day).

How to Safely Follow Mono Diet

Across the board, specialists agree that the mono food plan ought to solely be adopted for a really quick time period. For your security, you also needs to test together with your physician earlier than making such a dramatic change to your food plan.

Additionally, specialists say some meals could also be higher suited to the mono food plan than others as a result of they supply a wider array of vitamins. Dr. Axe says eggs, potatoes, and meat are all good decisions since they provide amino acids, potassium, B nutritional vitamins, and protein. He additionally notes that natural yogurt or milk can work when you can tolerate dairy merchandise.

“Eggs would be the best option on a mono diet,” provides Keatley. “They contain energy, protein, and fat in a very bioavailable package. They also have some of the essential vitamins and minerals we need for proper functioning.” However, Keatley cautions that solely consuming eggs could imply consuming giant quantities of ldl cholesterol, which will be problematic and even harmful for some.

Overall, specialists say the most secure and healthiest strategy to attempt the mono food plan is to take a extra versatile strategy. For occasion, you would possibly solely eat one meals group at every meal (like solely bananas at breakfast, solely potatoes at lunch, and solely hen for dinner).

“There’s still concern that you’ll be missing out on some vitamins and minerals, but the wider variety of foods you eat, generally the better you’ll be at covering your needs,” explains Dr. Axe. “One way to approach the mono diet in this way would be to focus on eating one type of protein food, one veggie, and one carb at each meal, so you at least boost your intake of those nutrients.”

No matter which meals(s) you’re consuming, Dr. Axe additionally extremely recommends taking a multivitamin, collagen protein, and probiotics to assist with digestion and sustaining wholesome power ranges whereas on the mono food plan.

And when you’re on the lookout for a equally simplistic weight reduction technique that isn’t fairly so restrictive, McKinney suggests time-restricted consuming (a type of intermittent fasting), which discourages senseless nighttime snacking. This entails limiting your consuming window to 8-12 hours per day — corresponding to between 12 p.m. and eight p.m.

“At the end of the day – some level of meal planning and prepping is important for long term health and success for most people,” she says. “Any sustainable program is bound to include ample quality protein, plenty of colorful produce with an emphasis on non-starchy vegetables, and healthy, minimally processed fats.”

The backside line? The mono food plan is simply a short-term repair, and even when it does assist you shed weight, the one strategy to maintain that weight off is to undertake wholesome consuming and way of life habits which you could truly maintain over the long run.

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