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Can Shampoo Cause Hair Loss: Hair Experts Reveal Myths and Tips

A bathe appears stress-free till you discover chunks of your treasured hair falling out of your scalp. While it’s completely regular that you simply shed some hair if you shampoo, the pink flags come up when your hair loss is extreme. So, why does it occur? Is your shampoo inflicting hair loss? Will changing your shampoo cease hair fall? Probably not. Because it’s not the shampoo model, however the substances in that exact formulation 3, that may very well be the foundation trigger behind your extreme hair loss. Another level to note right here is how incessantly you shampoo your hair and the amount of shampoo you utilize.


So, right here on this article, we are going to make clear the substances in shampoo that will trigger hair loss, a-k-a dangerous substances you need to keep away from, a number of the commonest myths about shampooing, how usually you need to shampoo, and tips to cut back hair fall whereas shampooing. Read on!


Does Frequent Shampooing Cause Hair Loss?

No – frequent shampooing doesn’t trigger hair loss or result in hair fall. Interestingly, it’s truly (pure) widespread to lose about 100 hair strands on daily basis. So, if you shampoo, it merely dislodges your indifferent hairs from the follicle’s base. On the opposite, when you don’t shampoo, most of those indifferent hair strands merely stay sitting loosely in your head, ready to fall out till you wash or comb. In easy phrases, the much less incessantly you shampoo, the extra hair you’ll lose.

As a matter of reality, frequent shampooing promotes wholesome hair by stimulating the scalp and creating optimum situations for wholesome hair progress.


Shampoo Ingredients That Make Your Hair Fall Out and Should Be Avoided

Shampoo Ingredients That Make Your Hair Fall Out and Should Be Avoided

As per anecdotal reviews, a number of substances in shampoos 1 (like sulfates, mineral oil or petroleum, alcohol share, and preservatives) would possibly weigh your hair down and contribute to extreme hair loss.


Below is a listing of seven shampoo substances you need to keep away from 2 to minimize your hair fall –


Sulfates, similar to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, are widespread substances added to shampoos worldwide. These sulfates are highly effective detergents with nice foaming and cleaning properties. However, on the draw back, these sulfates might make your hair dry, frizzy, limp, and tangled, inflicting harm and hair loss. Furthermore, sulfates even strip off pure oils out of your hair, stopping healthy hair growth.


Sodium chloride (salt) is added to shampoos as a thickening agent. While an optimum quantity of Sodium chloride is okay to your scalp and hair strands (particularly when you’ve got an oily scalp), excessive concentrations might result in an itchy scalp, dryness, and extreme hair loss.


Formaldehyde, a preservative, is added to shampoos to extend the product’s shelf life and preserve them shelf-stable. An optimum quantity of this preservative in any beauty product is supposedly secure. However, a excessive focus of Formaldehyde might trigger hair harm, allergy symptoms, hair loss, and scalp rashes.

Furthermore, shampoos are likely to include quite a few formaldehyde donors, i.e., chemical compounds. So, if you shampoo incessantly, these donors slowly launch this preservative into the air, inflicting irritation and allergy symptoms in your eyes, lungs, nostril, and scalp.

While no scientific analysis has proved that Formaldehyde alone is the rationale behind hair loss and harm, it alongside different chemical substances 4, turns into one of many substances to trigger hair fall.


Alcohols (like Cetearyl, Stearyl, and Cetyl) are added to many shampoos worldwide. These alcohols, when mixed with sulfates, dry out your scalp and hair by stripping off your pure oils. This, in flip, once more causes extreme hair fall.


  • Propylene Glycol and Propylparaben

Propylene Glycol and Propylparaben are added to shampoos as a humectant that helps the vitamins to penetrate by means of your scalp. However, a excessive focus of humectant might irritate your scalp, leading to hair loss. Also, it might disturb your hormonal stability resulting in lowered hair progress.


Artificial fragrances and colours ought to all the time be prevented, particularly in case you have delicate pores and skin and hair. While they do depart a nice scent after shampooing, they trigger extreme scalp irritation and hair fall.


Phthalates are added to shampoos and cosmetics as fragrance fixatives or solvents. The impacts of Phthalates are much like that of synthetic fragrances. Even these solvents might negatively have an effect on your scalp and hair well being by interfering along with your hormonal programs, inflicting extreme hair loss. Moreover, these are additionally malicious to the ambiance.


8 Most Common Myths About Shampoo and Hair Wash

Most Common Myths About Shampoo and Hair Wash

  • Myth 1 – It is dangerous to scrub your hair every day

Not in any respect! Washing your hair on daily basis will merely cleanse the filth and oil build-up in your scalp and hair. This stops your hair strands from changing into greasy, uninteresting, and smelly.


  • Myth 2 – Shampoo is dangerous to your hair

An accurate shampoo that fits your scalp and hair sort isn’t dangerous to your hair. On the opposite, a superb shampoo deeply cleanses your scalp, removes any extra oil, filth, and build-up, and permits a wholesome regrowth of your hair.


  • Myth 3 – Using the identical shampoo will cease working when my hair will get used to it

Not in any respect! It is all the time advisable to select and keep on with a shampoo that fits your hair sort and issues. In case, your shampoo stops providing you with the specified end result, possibly the wants and situation of your hair have modified or improved.


  • Myth 4 – Switching your shampoo incessantly causes hair fall

This fantasy, too, is bizarrely much like our above rationalization. We advise you to not settle for nearly any shampoo. Just as a result of another person advisable a selected shampoo to you or a shampoo model is trending, you don’t have to select it for your self. Change shampoos till you discover the one which best suits your hair needs, hair sort, and different points.


  • Myth 5 – Frequent shampooing will both dry out my hair or make my hair oilier

As a matter of reality, shampooing your hair incessantly will wash off any bacteria-laden oil or filth current in your hair, thus providing you with supple, tender hair strands and a nourished scalp.


  • Myth 6 – Shampooing each day will trigger extreme hair fall and harm

On the opposite, a superb shampoo will solely clear your scalp, selling wholesome hair.


  • Myth 7 – Don’t wash your hair, it can clear itself

If you don’t wash your hair, the filth and previous oil will proceed to construct up in your scalp and hair. This, in flip, will result in extreme harm, dry and itchy scalp, and extreme hair fall.


  • Myth 8 – Rinse your hair with chilly water to make it shinier

Using lukewarm water permits your scalp pores to open up and breathe. Once you might be performed along with your hair wash, end off with chilly water to re-seal your scalp pores and retain the moisture.


How to Prevent Hair Loss Caused by Shampoo?

How to Prevent Hair Loss Caused by Shampoo?

Below are some very important tips that will show you how to forestall extreme hair fall whereas shampooing –


  • The first and possibly probably the most essential step in stopping hair fall is to know your precise hair and scalp sort.


  • Create a correct hair care routine that fits your scalp, hair sort, and issues.


  • Before each hair wash, bear in mind to therapeutic massage your scalp with scorching oil, similar to coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, and many others.


  • Always go for a sulfate-free shampoo that’s mild and delicate, particularly in your scalp.


  • Never brush your hair moist or whereas within the bathe. Your hair strands are the weakest when moist. Brushing in that situation will solely make you lose extra hair than traditional.


  • Always apply your hair conditioner after each single hair wash. A very good hydrating conditioner seals in moisture and reduces the probabilities of hair fall, dryness, and harm. Also, verify the substances of your hair conditioner. It ought to include pure oils, butter (like mango butter, shea butter), hydrolyzed keratin, and many others., which helps to make your hair stronger.


  • Use hair care merchandise that include Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.


  • Once you’ve got dried your hair, use a tender brush and frivolously comb your hair.


  • Put a restrict on the utilization of heating and styling merchandise and instruments, like a curling rod or dryer, in your hair.


  • Avoid tight hairstyles and accessories that will pull or bind your hair roughly or uncomfortably. Doing so repeatedly or for very long time intervals will harm your hair roots, inflicting extra hair loss.


When to Consult a Doctor?

How Much is too Much? When To Consult a Doctor?

If none of our talked about tips work and also you proceed to note extreme hair loss, attain out to a healthcare skilled or trichologist (hair knowledgeable). Seeing a hair knowledgeable sooner reasonably than later will largely show you how to establish the precise explanation for your extreme hair loss. This, in flip, will show you how to to develop and begin the required particular remedy to fight additional hair loss and steps to treatment it.


Factors Other Than Shampoo That May Cause Hair Loss

Factors Other Than Shampoo That May Cause Hair Loss

Although the substances current in shampoo might result in hair fall, there are another components that will trigger hair loss, together with the pH degree in shampoo 5. These probably embody –


  • hormonal modifications
  • weight loss plan modifications
  • dietary deficiencies
  • hereditary points
  • any ongoing sickness
  • different medical troubles
  • medicines
  • extreme stress
  • extreme weight reduction, weight acquire, and many others.


Wrapping Up

Most of us pleasure ourselves on having fuller locks. And it appears to have an effect on us after we begin seeing chunks of our treasured hair after shampooing or combing. As we now know, hair loss occurs attributable to lots of causes 6, together with some dangerous substances current in your shampoo. So, so as to defend your hair from additional harm, loss, or thinning, make sure that to undergo our curated listing of poisonous substances earlier than your shampoo procuring.


Also, bear in mind to observe our talked about tips to reap most advantages earlier than and after shampooing! Time to flaunt your healthy locks!


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