Can Rain Cause Depression?

If grey clouds and drizzly skies make you are feeling extra drained or unhappy than typical, you’re not the one one.

In a 2020 study, researchers discovered individuals had been extra more likely to report signs of melancholy throughout cloudy or overcast climate.

Evidence even hyperlinks rain to temper modifications that might have an effect on something from the way you vote — 2018 research suggests it made individuals much less more likely to vote for change — to how you perceive customer support at a restaurant.

But can rain go as far as to trigger melancholy? Not precisely. It’s extra correct to say that rain can contribute to low moods, in addition to seasonal melancholy.

Read on to be taught why rain may go away you feeling down, plus get just a few tips for methods to handle its results in your temper.

Since melancholy is a psychological well being situation involving particular diagnostic standards, rain could be very unlikely to instantly trigger an episode of melancholy. According to the newest version of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5),” melancholy entails signs like:

For a prognosis of melancholy, you need to have skilled these signs on most days for not less than 2 weeks.

A mixture of components may help clarify why rain casts a shadow on the moods of so many:

Major depressive dysfunction (MDD) with seasonal sample

You may additionally know any such main melancholy as seasonal melancholy or seasonal affective dysfunction (SAD).

Seasonal melancholy entails melancholy signs throughout sure instances of the yr, often when it’s darkish, moist, and chilly. Less generally, individuals additionally expertise seasonal melancholy in the course of the sunniest elements of the yr.

Living with seasonal melancholy means you’re more likely to expertise detrimental results in your temper on account of climate, particularly because the seasons change. A 2017 study suggests a mix of weather-related components could contribute to seasonal melancholy via dips in daylight and serotonin ranges.

But rain can nonetheless have an effect in your temper in the event you don’t have a seasonal melancholy prognosis.

“While there are those who meet the criteria for seasonal affective disorder, most people will feel a decrease in motivation, energy, or happiness when it is raining,” says Kristine Berrett, a scientific psychologist in Washington state.

Lack of daylight

The lack of daylight that inevitably comes with most wet days may very well be the important thing to many a low temper. One cause behind this? The connection between serotonin, melatonin, and daylight.

Older research from 2008 highlights the significance of daylight publicity for regulating serotonin ranges. And as your physique prepares for sleep, it converts a few of that serotonin into melatonin, which helps restorative sleep.

So, rain clouds frequently blocking out the solar can disrupt serotonin and melatonin manufacturing. This disruption can wreak havoc in your sleep schedule, which may, in flip, have an effect on your power ranges and temper all through the day.

Concern about local weather change

Climate change is a supply of tension for a lot of, and emotions of helplessness concerning the state of the planet could also lead to unhappiness or melancholy. Drought, flooding, and different climate-related modifications in rain patterns can simply have an effect in your psychological well being and total well-being, particularly when these modifications have an effect on you instantly.

For instance, 2020 research highlights the methods some individuals in Indigenous communities responded to rain with nervousness after shedding their houses to flooding previously. A 2021 study additionally discovered proof to recommend rising melancholy in areas of Iran that skilled extra cloud cowl as a result of local weather change.


It’s pure to really feel unhappy or dissatisfied when wet climate foils your go-to mood-boosting actions. And the longer you end up caught indoors, the extra profound these detrimental temper results could turn out to be.

For occasion, you may expertise decrease power or fatigue when heavy rain retains you inside in the event you’d often head out to hike, bike, or backyard.

While rain could make it more durable to get into an excellent temper, the causes of melancholy are complicated. In brief, melancholy usually entails a spread of things past the climate.

Some analysis on the connection between rain and melancholy has additionally discovered contradictory outcomes.

A study from 2014 thought-about information from almost 14,000 members and located that males really skilled increased charges of melancholy in hotter and sunnier areas of Spain. Men who lived in rainier areas had a decrease threat of melancholy.

Meanwhile, one other 2014 study discovered that individuals residing in colder and rainier areas of Iran tended to expertise extra melancholy than these residing within the hotter, drier south.

As for different components which may enhance your possibilities of growing melancholy? A number of of the primary ones embrace:

  • Sedentary way of life. A 2020 research review related sedentary habits to a better threat of melancholy. In addition, mentally “passive” sedentary actions — like watching Netflix — put individuals at increased threat for melancholy than mentally “active” habits like studying or crafting. And after all, it’d go with out saying that rain could make train appear far much less fascinating than cozying up on the sofa with an excellent miniseries.
  • Chronic stress. Research from 2015 means that individuals who expertise heightened stress responses can also have increased ranges of melancholy. If rain triggers your stress response — perhaps you discover driving within the rain nerve-racking, or the climate interferes along with your work in a roundabout way — it may play into melancholy signs.
  • Unbalanced weight-reduction plan. Diets low in vitamin can contribute to depression over time. If you discover wet climate depressing, and your temper leads you to succeed in for meals with empty energy, you may discover this lack of vitamin impacts your temper — particularly in the event you dwell in an space with plenty of wet days.

Other key threat components for melancholy embrace:

  • historical past of trauma
  • earlier grief and loss
  • genetics

Learn extra about threat components for melancholy right here.

Berrett not solely understands how rain can dampen your temper — she’s skilled this herself.

“I often joke with my clients that we’re all solar-powered, but it’s obvious in my clinical practice when there has been a streak of rainy days as depressive symptoms, life crises, and relationship issues increase,” she explains.

When she moved from Southern California to the Seattle space, Berrett felt extra drained and seen much less enjoyment in her actions. But after 22 years of residing within the Pacific Northwest, Berrett says she’s discovered methods to keep up her power and temper that assist even in the course of the rainiest seasons.

1. Utilize gentle remedy

Bright gentle remedy is a well-liked remedy for seasonal melancholy, and research suggests it may assist with different forms of melancholy, too.

Exposure to full-spectrum shiny white gentle, notably within the morning hours, may assist regulate your circadian rhythm, decreasing signs of melancholy. Light remedy can also increase serotonin ranges in your physique, decreasing your susceptibility to low moods.

Some insurance coverage corporations cowl gentle bins — so in the event you’d like to do this strategy, you may begin by investigating what your plan affords.

You may try our listing of sunshine remedy lamps right here.

“I further encourage my clients to seek things that are light and help them feel full of light — including just having more lights on in their homes,” Berrett provides.

2. Exercise indoors

“People often joke about watching for rain breaks to step outside at a moment’s notice,” Berrett says of individuals within the Pacific Northwest. “I personally exercise in a gym, so weather doesn’t limit my routine. I also walk my dogs even when it’s pouring out.”

A number of concepts for methods to get lively with out leaving your home:

  • blasting a few of your favourite music and having an impromptu dance celebration
  • discovering a yoga, Pilates, or excessive depth interval coaching (HIIT) video on YouTube
  • busting out your mop or vacuum and ticking some chores off your listing

If you reside in an particularly wet local weather, you may think about one other potential possibility: investing in train gear in your residence.

Find much more methods to get in a exercise at residence.

3. Prioritize sleep

You may end up feeling extra drained in the course of the darkish, wet days, Berrett says. She encourages maintaining to an everyday sleep schedule because the seasons progress, which usually means sleeping the identical quantity of hours regardless of how gentle or darkish it’s outdoors.

“Regulating sleep can help you feel more motivated and energized even when surrounded by rain and clouds,” Berrett provides.

4. Resist the urge to isolate

According to an Italian study on the consequences of lockdowns in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation can play a component in psychological well being signs. The longer the isolation, the extra extreme the potential results — and ongoing rain can turn out to be one other power maintaining you from getting out and about.

Berrett explains that she encourages shoppers to proceed planning gatherings with others throughout wet months, together with lunch dates, recreation nights, or film dates.

“In-person gatherings have decreased due to COVID, but they’re so essential for emotional well-being. We are neurologically wired to connect with others, and electronic connections, while better than nothing, do not fully meet our social needs,” she provides.

If you’re beginning to turn out to be overwhelmed by emotions of unhappiness (or no emotions in any respect), it’s all the time OK to succeed in out for some additional assist.

Learn extra about remedy for melancholy.

When a persistent low temper makes it more durable to get via day-to-day life, it may very well be a good suggestion to attach with a therapist, Berrett says. “This is particularly important when mood impacts your ability to work or go to school, or if mood symptoms begin to place strain on your relationships,” she provides.

Here’s a fast guidelines that can assist you decide when to succeed in out for extra assist with rain-induced malaise — or every other concern. Reach out if:

  • You’re discovering fundamental self-care, like brushing your tooth or getting away from bed, harder.
  • You expertise fatigue that impacts your means to get via your day.
  • You have suicidal ideas.

When contemplating potential therapists, it might assist to search out one who can empathize with the affect of wet climate. It could assist to start out your search with therapists situated close to you (and thus, more likely to dwell in the identical local weather).

Get extra tips for locating the best therapist for you.

Rain isn’t for everybody — and if it makes you are feeling down within the dumps, you’re not alone. But simply as rain has confirmed results in your temper, so do the numerous treatments you should utilize to ease its affect.

Trying gentle remedy, prioritizing sleep and vitamin, and sticking to sunny-day routines as a lot as doable provide just a few methods to interrupt via a low temper introduced on by rain and clouds.

Courtney Telloian is a author with work printed on Healthline, Psych Central, and Insider. Previously, she labored on the editorial groups of Psych Central and GoodTherapy. Her areas of curiosity embrace holistic approaches to well being, particularly ladies’s wellness, and subjects centered round psychological well being.

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