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Can Lucky Girl Syndrome Bring You Success?

We’ve all heard of acquainted sayings just like the “luck of the Irish.” Similarly, your dad and mom could have inspired you as a toddler to select up a four-leaf clover to carry on some good tidings. Or perhaps you could have a long-standing ritual you do to assist your sports activities crew win like sporting a sure colour of socks.

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Luck isn’t a brand new thought, however currently, you could be seeing new methods to view it and work it into your life. 

A latest TikTok development makes use of the time period “Lucky Girl Syndrome,” which merely refers to the concept that should you imagine you’re fortunate, good issues will come to you. This has led to many individuals utilizing this phrase as a type of manifestation. So, you could be questioning: Is there any hurt in embracing this development?

Psychologist Susan Albers, PsyD, breaks down what Lucky Girl Syndrome is, the way it’s just like constructive affirmations and how one can put it to use. 

What is Lucky Girl Syndrome? 

First, it’s essential to know that that is only a informal phrase — not an precise analysis or medical time period. As Dr. Albers factors out, Lucky Girl Syndrome is much less of a “syndrome” and extra of a way of thinking. It’s a kind of constructive affirmation the place you inform your self that you simply’re truly fortunate and that good issues are coming to you.

“I would say a more appropriate name is the ‘The Lucky Girl Effect or Phenomenon,’” says Dr. Albers. 

In basic, Lucky Girl Syndrome is a long-standing thought with a trendier, rebranded identify. This time period could be much more useful and inclusive if it didn’t use the time period “girl” as nicely, Dr. Albers notes. “This is not specific to gender. Anyone can use this mindset,” she says.

According to Dr. Albers, this may be so simple as telling your self that issues will work out as a substitute of specializing in the negatives. The inspiration got here from numerous TikTok creators who made movies about individuals they know of their life who’re simply “always lucky.” 

This has caught lots of people’s consideration and led to many extra movies and conversations round it. Lucky Girl Syndrome is solely a phrase that tries to show destructive pondering round by means of manifestation methods and exploration of the concept of the “law of attraction.” This is the idea the place you’ll be able to deliberately entice what you need in your life.

Does it work? 

Whether or not you imagine in luck is completely as much as you. But there’s one thing to be stated concerning the energy of constructive pondering and the way it may be utilized in other ways to enhance your psychological well-being. 

Whatever you select to name it, the core thought of constructive pondering may help some ways for individuals fighting destructive self-talk. It won’t be precise luck that’s serving to good issues come to you, however there’s been a number of analysis in cognitive remedy that helps this. 

“Research has shown that it helps to boost people’s confidence, their self-esteem, reduces their stress level and helps their motivation,” Dr. Albers states.

She continues that as our brains are likely to lean towards the destructive, Lucky Girl Syndrome generally is a useful mindset to show negatives into positives. Plus, should you’re feeling fortunate, it could possibly result in you taking extra wholesome dangers and taking up extra alternatives in life. 

“When we tell ourselves that we’re lucky, the brain starts to look for examples to confirm that belief,” notes Dr. Albers. “And because our brain likes to be right, if we tell ourselves that we’re lucky, that part of the brain is going to start filtering in the information that backs that up.”

How to make the most of constructive pondering to make your self ‘lucky’ 

Good luck seems to be totally different for all of us. So, relying on who you might be and what your life seems to be like, this may differ. There’s nobody constructive affirmation that may work for everybody, however constructive pondering by means of your personal lens may help you catch these silver linings.

Here’s how Dr. Albers recommends attempting out Lucky Girl Syndrome in your personal life: 

Use constructive affirmations or mantras

According to Dr. Albers, we will, in a means, enhance our luck daily by utilizing constructive affirmations. When we get up, we will inform ourselves that we’re fortunate all through the day, which primes our brains to search for examples of lucky issues.

“At the end of the day, we can review our day and write down fortunate or lucky things that have happened,” suggests Dr. Albers. “This helps to train our brains to recognize and focus on the positive things that happen in our lives.”

This could be simpler stated than achieved, after all. Sometimes, destructive pondering might be the factor that takes over any perception in optimism. But Dr. Albers stresses the significance of consistency with affirmations. This is why repeating your mantra every day and chronicling them in a journal might be useful. 

Some constructive affirmations round luck embrace: 

  • I’m in the fitting place on the proper time. 
  • The greatest issues occur to me. 
  • I’m so fortunate — issues simply work out for me. 
  • The universe is conspiring to offer me good issues. 
  • I at all times know the fitting subsequent steps. 

“That last one I like because it really puts some of the power and action in your hands,” says Dr. Albers.

Visualize what you need

Sometimes, the phrases we inform ourselves aren’t sufficient to make us imagine that good issues are on the horizon. 

This is why visualization is one other highly effective device that may assist us enhance our luck. “By closing our eyes and imagining what being lucky would look and feel like, we can train our brains to recognize lucky situations when they occur in real life,” explains Dr. Albers. 

Journaling, creating temper boards and talking constructive affirmations can go hand in hand with this. But the best strategy to follow visualization is by pairing it with some meditation or mindfulness methods — perhaps take 5 minutes within the morning and night to color an image in your thoughts of how your future goes within the course you need it to.

“Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality sometimes,” notes Dr. Albers. “If you imagine biting into a lemon, you begin to salivate. So, you can trigger some of the positive neurochemicals like serotonin — the feel-good chemical in the brain — by just imagining being lucky.”

Be round individuals who uplift you

The individuals in our lives — buddies, households and acquaintances — can have a profound influence on our well-being. And we will’t succeed or really feel content material with our lives with out the help of others. 

“Surrounding ourselves with new people and situations that make ‘being lucky’ more possible can also increase our luck,” encourages Dr. Albers.

Enjoy sentimental rituals

It’s much less about believing a four-leaf clover will repair all of your issues, however somewhat concerning the ritual behind it that may provide help to really feel extra assured and linked to your personal luck.

According to Dr. Albers, there’s nothing unsuitable with having small traditions or sentimental symbols that make you’re feeling luckier.Rituals such as wearing lucky socks or carrying a lucky penny in our pocket can help us feel more competent and reinforce our belief in our own luck,” says Dr. Albers. 

Combine with different psychological well being methods

A variety of instances, our concern of being unfortunate or that unhealthy issues will occur may cause stress. This is why taking good care of your self and working towards self-care rituals are good issues to pair with constructive affirmations.

“You can also combine this lucky thinking with other techniques that help you to be more positive in general,” says Dr. Albers. This can embrace issues like respiration workouts that can assist you floor your self or doing mild workouts or yoga. 

Finding stability

Even with constructive pondering, it’s essential to have a wholesome stability. And similar to many internet-borne traits, it’s essential to take them with a grain of salt. So, be cautious of individuals speaking about Lucky Girl Syndrome as if it’s the antidote for every thing unhealthy that occurs to you. 

The key, says Dr. Albers, is to pair this fortunate mind-set with actual motion in your day-to-day life. 

“Some of the skepticism about Lucky Girl Syndrome is that some people think it’s magical thinking,” she notes. “And I don’t think it’s that. It depends on how people frame some of their mantras and affirmations. So, if you have magical thinking, you also need action.”

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