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Can Diet Help Shrink Your Fibroids?

If you’ve got uterine fibroids and expertise ache or heavy bleeding, you’re not alone. Up to 80% of all girls and other people assigned feminine at delivery (AFAB) develop fibroids earlier than they hit menopause. 

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But do you must settle for uterine fibroids as a situation that’s utterly out of your management? Maybe not.

Some analysis exhibits that sure meals might cut back your danger of fibroids or assist tame signs like ache and heavy bleeding. Minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon Megan Billow, DO, explains what your food regimen can — and may’t — do for uterine fibroids.

Foods to assist forestall or shrink fibroids

“There’s no single diet that will work magically to prevent or treat fibroids,” Dr. Billow says. “But some studies suggest that certain foods may lower your risk of fibroids. Diet changes may minimize symptoms by lowering amounts of the hormones that fuel fibroids.”

If you’re hoping to keep away from fibroids or enhance your signs, eat extra of those doubtlessly fibroid-fighting meals.

Fruits and greens

Eating loads of vegatables and fruits lowers your danger of many well being issues, together with heart disease and sure sorts of most cancers. And it seems, they could additionally assist decrease your danger of getting uterine fibroids.

A large review found that people who ate more fruits and vegetables were at lower risk of getting fibroids,” says Dr. Billow. “The research suggests that patients who ate four servings per day had a lower fibroid risk compared to patients who ate one serving per day.”

All vegatables and fruits have main well being advantages, however these sorts appear to be significantly useful in combating fibroids:

  • Apples.
  • Broccoli.
  • Cabbage.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit.
  • Tomatoes.

Why do vegatables and fruits assist forestall fibroids? Some research on fibroids and food regimen suggests a number of potential causes:

  • Fiber content material: Fruits and greens are excessive in fiber, which helps your physique eliminate extra estrogen by means of your stool. Estrogen feeds fibroids, so clearing out any extra might lower dangers of fibroids.
  • Lower BMI: Fruits and greens are typically low in energy. So consuming extra of those meals rather than higher-calorie, much less nutritious choices might show you how to obtain a decrease physique mass index (BMI). Having the next BMI raises estrogen ranges, which will increase your danger of fibroids.
  • Nutrition: These meals have vitamins like nutritional vitamins, hint minerals and antioxidants that will discourage the expansion of fibroids.

Low-fat dairy merchandise

Some research means that calcium-rich dairy merchandise might decrease your danger of fibroids. “Aim to get three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy products each day,” Dr. Billow advises. Focus on yogurt that accommodates probiotics — helpful micro organism that preserve your intestine wholesome.

Eating the correct amount of dairy isn’t a assure that you just’ll keep fibroid-free. But it could possibly be useful for some individuals. “More research is needed to prove that dairy can help with fibroids,” notes Dr. Billow. “But your body benefits from calcium and probiotics, so it’s worth considering.”

If you’re lactose illiberal, search for plant-based milk, yogurt or cheese. Many of those comprise added probiotics and calcium. Check the vitamin label for his or her calcium content material, and search for “live and active cultures” on yogurt labels.

Foods that comprise vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for bone, immune and nerve well being. And some research suggests getting sufficient vitamin D lowers your danger of fibroids.

Food sources of vitamin D embody:

  • Fortified dairy merchandise like milk and yogurt.
  • Fortified dairy options like soy, almond, coconut or oat milk or yogurt.
  • Light tuna.
  • Rainbow trout.
  • Salmon.

“Vitamin D deficiency is often seen in women with fibroids,” says Dr. Billow. “Raising your vitamin D levels could help you avoid this condition.”

How are you aware in case you’re poor in vitamin D? You can’t know for certain with no blood check, however vitamin D deficiency is frequent.

“It’s hard to correct vitamin D deficiency with diet alone,” Dr. Billow provides. “The main way people get vitamin D is through unprotected sun exposure. But venturing out without sunscreen comes with the risk of sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer.”

And in case you dwell in a northern local weather, you would possibly go months with out sufficient daylight to maintain your D ranges up. People with darker pores and skin tones even have the next danger of deficiency as a result of their pores and skin doesn’t make as a lot vitamin D.

A vitamin D complement might show you how to sidestep uterine fibroids, however ask your supplier first. “If you already have good levels of vitamin D, a supplement probably isn’t necessary, and could be harmful,” Dr. Billow cautions. “Always tell your provider about any vitamins or herbal supplements you take.”

Foods that will contribute to fibroids

While some meals might assist lower your danger of fibroids, others might have the other impact. Some analysis suggests limiting or avoiding these meals:

Red meat and ham

A food regimen excessive in purple meat, like floor beef, steak, veal or ham, has some potential well being dangers, like coronary heart illness and cancer. And purple meat may also play a job in uterine fibroid formation, though extra analysis is required to verify this hyperlink.

“In some studies, people with uterine fibroids reported eating more red meat and ham than people who didn’t have fibroids,” says Dr. Billow. “We don’t yet know if it’s due to their unhealthy saturated fats, pollutants or some combination of these factors.”

This doesn’t essentially imply burgers are off the desk. Try saving these meats for particular events. Aim to eat not more than 6 ounces of purple meat per week, or 3 ounces when you have coronary heart illness. To get much less saturated fats when consuming these meats, you possibly can:

  • Choose leaner cuts of steak, like sirloin or flank steak.
  • Cut off any seen fats.
  • Swap higher-fat floor beef for 90% lean floor beef.
  • Use floor turkey rather than floor beef.


Drinking alcoholic drinks like beer, wine and spirits can have an effect on your general well being and presumably your fibroid danger. Some analysis exhibits that ingesting alcohol, particularly in greater quantities, modifications hormones in your physique. These hormonal modifications can result in fibroid formation.

“If you want to improve your health and lower your fibroid risk, avoid alcohol,” advises Dr. Billow. “If you do drink, limit yourself to moderate amounts.” This means:

  • No greater than two drinks per day for males and other people assigned male at delivery (AMAB).
  • No a couple of drink per day for ladies and other people AFAB.

Watch out for miracle dietary supplements and ‘cures’

Fibroid signs could be laborious to dwell with. Understandably, many individuals flip to on-line recommendation and dietary supplements for potential options. But watch out — these “miracle cures” are often ineffective and a waste of your cash, at greatest. At worst, they are often harmful.

“Don’t use a supplement or take someone’s advice on social media instead of getting recommended medical care,” states Dr. Billow. “There’s no evidence that any natural supplements will cure or shrink fibroids. And if you don’t see your provider regularly, you could miss out on important health screenings.”

Pair food regimen modifications with extra motion

While you’re engaged on consuming extra fibroid-friendly meals, additionally contemplate extra bodily exercise. Don’t fear: You don’t have to hitch a gymnasium or sweat by means of strenuous spin courses to reap some advantages.

“Daily movement like walking can minimize fibroid symptoms if you pair it with diet changes,” Dr. Billow says. “Regular exercise can boost endorphins, which are natural pain fighters. And more physical activity benefits your mental health, too.”

And like a nutritious diet, train may also help you lose any extra kilos and decrease your estrogen ranges. “Fighting fibroids is really about adopting an overall healthy lifestyle,” she provides. “Together, diet changes and exercise are a powerful way to balance your hormones naturally.”

Focus on small, doable modifications

Tweaking your food regimen is a step in the correct route if you wish to lower your dangers of fibroids. And a food regimen wealthy in fruits and veggies and low in fatty meats can enhance your general well being.

“There’s no guarantee that certain foods will prevent or shrink fibroids in everyone,” notes Dr. Billow. “But a healthy diet provides many health benefits that will help you feel your best. It could help boost your energy levels and help you achieve a healthy weight. You’ll also lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.”

Even although we all know it’s good for us, it may be tough to alter your food regimen. Don’t be too laborious on your self in case you wrestle — and don’t attempt to make huge, sweeping modifications suddenly. Slowly substitute purple meat and fewer nutritious processed meals with vegatables and fruits to assist construct more healthy habits.

“You may find that eating healthy foods gets easier with time because you feel better,” says Dr. Billow. “Don’t look at diet changes as a miracle cure, but as an investment in yourself and your overall health.”

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