PROVO, Utah — A couple of days forward of Thanksgiving vacation feasts, with the hours of napping and soccer watching to go together with it, some BYU college students are studying tips on how to reside wholesome and happier lives from a visit to Ikaria, Greece.

According to BYU News, the scholars and public well being professor Randy Page wished to go to one of many 5 areas across the globe, generally known as Blue zones. In Blue zones,  individuals attain the age of 100 at ten instances better charges than U.S. averages.

They returned from their summer time journey to Greece with tips for residing the wholesome way of life of these they discovered from within the Blue zones, Ikaria, Greece.

“Always eat fresh vegetables and always have a colorful meal,” BYU Emily Blake says. “We should also have at least four different foods that we’re eating.”

Blake says one other key to wholesome consuming is to incorporate in-season contemporary fruit and veggies, ideally from your personal backyard.

When it involves way of life, the scholars suggest staying bodily lively, taking time to be outdoors and beginning day-after-day with gratitude.

Along with this, they suggest wholesome recipes from CookinAthens.

Other Blue zones embrace Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, Nicoya, Costa Rica and Loma Linda, California, in keeping with BYU News.

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