Nature is filled with crops which have the facility to profit your well being. Foods can come from a plant’s fruits, like peppers, strawberries or tomatoes. Sometimes, from its leaves, like lettuce or kale. And typically, it’s the plant’s roots which are filled with nutritional vitamins and minerals that gasoline our our bodies — like carrots, radishes and — lesser recognized however maybe equally nutritious — burdock root. 

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In many elements of the United States, burdock grows wildly (translation: as a weed). But in different elements of the world, together with Japan and elements of Europe, burdock is cultivated as a meals, in addition to a medicinal herb. And all around the globe, it’s being floor up and bought as a complement, extract, tea and powder.

So what can this weed/vegetable/natural treatment/complement do to your well being?  

That all is dependent upon the way you’re getting it, says registered dietitian Devon Peart, RD, MHSc

“Burdock root is safe to eat as a food, and it’s thought to have some pretty good health effects,” Peart explains. “But, as is often the case, it’s a ‘buyer-beware’ situation when it comes to taking it as a supplement. We really don’t know if it retains its health benefits when it’s in processed form. And its safety isn’t well established as a supplement.”  

Peart shares some potential well being advantages of consuming burdock root and why these advantages might not translate when taking burdock root dietary supplements. 

Burdock root advantages (as a meals supply) 

Burdock has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine practices, significantly for relieving chilly and cough signs and as a diuretic. Outside of Europe and Asia, you’re almost definitely to seek out burdock root at specialty well being shops and imported meals markets. It might be ready and eaten equally to different root greens, like carrots or radishes. 

And whereas there’s minimal scientific analysis on burdock root’s well being results, it does present some promise as a wholesome meals to incorporate in your weight loss plan. 

“When it’s eaten, burdock root provides good nutrition as part of a healthy diet,” Peart notes. “But it hasn’t been studied extensively, so it’s not known how much of it you’d need to eat to get long-term health benefits.” 


Burdock root is an effective supply of a kind of fiber known as inulin. It’s a dietary fiber that aids in digestion. 

Like all fiber, inulin may also help you are feeling fuller longer. It may additionally decrease LDL cholesterol (the “bad” one), helps stabilize your blood sugar and will even scale back your threat of colon most cancers. 

Inulin can also be present in meals like: 

  • Asparagus. 
  • Chicory root. 
  • Garlic. 
  • Leeks. 
  • Onions. 
  • Soybeans. 

Antioxidant and anti inflammatory 

Burdock root is an effective supply of antioxidants, that are chemical compounds that assist shield your cells from harm. And as an anti-inflammatory, burdock root may additionally assist scale back your threat of persistent illnesses, like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and perhaps even some cancers. 

“Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, burdock root also has a history of being used as a topical ointment for skin conditions and shows potential as a possible burn treatment,” Peart says. 


Perhaps one in all burdock root’s most well-known qualities is its use as a diuretic. That means it might enable you to pee extra, which could possibly be useful for individuals who retain water, together with folks with sure coronary heart, lung or kidney circumstances.  

Herbs like parsley or dandelion are additionally pure diuretics, as are water-based fruits and veggies, like watermelon, lemons, cucumbers and grapes. 

The drawback with burdock root dietary supplements 

For all its potential well being advantages as a meals, Peart advises treading rigorously when contemplating burdock root dietary supplements, particularly in the event you’re dwelling with any persistent well being circumstances.  

“A lot people will look at herbal supplements and think, ‘Oh, it’s natural. Nothing to worry about here,’” Peart says. “But that’s absolutely not the case. There are a lot of natural things that are highly unsafe.” 

And, actually, dietary supplements are — by definition — not pure. They’re extremely processed, they could comprise added components you don’t need, and so they don’t have to bear any rigorous security testing or high quality management. So, Peart explains, you don’t actually know what you’re getting, how a lot of the energetic ingredient you’re getting or whether or not it’s going to have any impact on you — optimistic or damaging. 

Weaker when remoted 

Think of it like this: Whole meals are type of like a soccer staff with a very good quarterback. A future Hall of Famer. But the quarterback isn’t prone to be almost as efficient with no robust staff. There are linemen who present safety from the opposing staff’s protection. There’s a receiver out on the sector to catch the ball. Without these supporting gamers, the quarterback can’t be nearly as good as they could possibly be. 

When you distill burdock root (and different herbs) down right into a complement, it’s like isolating the quarterback from the remainder of the staff. Supplements take one of the best properties of a meals and attempt to make them stand on their very own. But as Peart additional explains, usually what makes meals useful isn’t one single property. It’s the mix that makes the vitamins extra highly effective. 

“There are properties in food that don’t necessarily translate to supplement form,” she continues. “We just can’t mimic the nutrition that comes naturally from whole foods.” 

Too many unknowns 

Whether burdock root dietary supplements will likely be efficient or not and whether or not they could cause hurt is an enormous query mark. 

For one, we additionally don’t know if burdock root dietary supplements actually do act as diuretics. So, chances are you’ll be simply paying for a complement that’s not even supplying you with the advantages you’re in search of. Not precisely a smart funding. 

On the flip facet, if burdock root actually is a diuretic, and if these properties translate when it’s refined right into a complement … how a lot can you’re taking earlier than you’re peeing an excessive amount of and risking dehydration? No one is aware of.  

The identical issues come up when eager about burdock root’s different potential advantages. If it lowers blood sugar, folks with diabetes could also be risking hypoglycemia. If it helps decrease your blood strain, what’s the impact in the event you’re additionally taking blood thinners? And so on. 

The backside line is that consuming burdock root is protected as a part of a nutritious diet. But counting on burdock root dietary supplements in all probability isn’t going to do what the bottle claims.

But in the event you do wish to attempt dietary supplements, Peart advises all the time speaking with a healthcare supplier, like a main care doctor or a registered dietitian, for his or her recommendation. And remember to focus on any potential unwanted side effects or potential for damaging interactions with different drugs you’re taking. 

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