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Even although in an low season, Hunter Labrada isn’t taking his foot off the fuel. Since the bodybuilder hasn’t but began his official 2022 Olympia prep, he’s specializing in rising his coaching quantity.

Labrada catapulted to the mainstream after successful gold on the 2020 Tampa Pro. However, he needed to deal with an eighth-place end on the Olympia the identical yr. Following a humbling 2020 aggressive season, Labrada was again in enterprise after successful the 2021 Chicago Pro and incomes his qualification for the Olympia. At the 2021 Olympia, Labrada gained fourth place, beating archrival Nick “The Mutant” Walker.

On Jul. 16, 2022, the 2020 Tampa Pro champ took his viewers by his leg day routine on his YouTube channel. 

Hunter Labrada’s Leg Workout 

Check out the bodybuilder’s leg coaching routine:

1. Standing calf elevate — warm-up 

The standing calf machine Hunter makes use of comes with a pad that provides stability to the elevate. Before beginning the train, he explains the correct type for performing the standing calf elevate: 

  1. Keep your core engaged.
  2. Brace your glutes and quads all through the elevate.
  3. Maintain a slight bend in your knees.

By following these tips, you’ll be focusing fully in your calves.

Hunter executed managed and regular reps to kick begin the blood move in his calves whereas activating the opposite lower-body muscle teams. 

2. Seated calf elevate

He did the second calf train with heavy weight however executed managed reps, boosting energy and muscle endurance. 

“Biggest things — foot placement and width. You want to place [your feet] at a width wide enough so that your ankles, knees, and hips all are in a straight line. You don’t want to be extremely duck-toed or pigeon-toed. All that does is an extreme misalignment of the joints. It doesn’t emphasize one particular point of the muscle.”

For the train, the bodybuilder defined the ankles should stay ahead when pushing the burden up. The ankles should proceed to stay ahead whereas decreasing the weights and heels to realize a stretch within the calves. 

3. Seated hamstring curl 

After finishing the calf workouts, Hunter moved on to the primary hamstring elevate of the leg exercise routine. 

Hunter’s options for organising the seated hamstring curl machine:

  1. Set the pad on which your legs relaxation as excessive as potential. However, it shouldn’t be straight beneath your calves. 
  2. The pad in your quads must be tight, however there must be some wiggle room to allow knee motion. 

Per the bodybuilder, maintaining the core energetic and rib cage down can set off an efficient bracing of the hips, which is a vital ingredient within the train. Labrada suggests carrying a seatbelt if in case you have entry to at least one to make sure the hips stay on the pad. 

4. Reverse banded hack squat 

Hunter moved to the again squat machine subsequent. He connected resistance bands to the machine to extend the resistance. Each of those bands helps add roughly 150 kilos on the high of the movement.

Before doing the quantity set, Labrada carried out a traditional set. He maintained a reasonable tempo, making certain fixed stress on the quads. 

Instead of doing one heavy set, Labrada did a set with 4 plates on all sides earlier than transferring to 6 plates on all sides.

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5. Unilateral hip press 

The males’s open division bodybuilder moved to the following train on the leg day routine. He selected to do unilateral hip press because it promotes symmetry and helps construct equal energy in each legs. Additionally, working one leg at a time supplies a contemporary change of tempo in his exercise routine. 

“It’s been a while since I’ve done any unilateral stuff in my program. So, I feel like it’s going to give me a new degree of hip health and like a new challenge and everything.”

6. Leg extension 

Hunter completed the exercise with the leg extension. Instead of doing a number of units of reasonable problem, Labrada targeted on working his means as much as one actual onerous set. 

He completed the working set with adductors, which requires bringing your legs inwards. The motion helps construct hip energy and internal legs and closes the thigh hole.

Leg extensions are an efficient train to isolate the quadriceps. It places stress on the outer quad sweeps, forcing the smallest muscle fibers into rising.

Check out Hunter Labrada’s leg session beneath:

Looking ahead 

Hunter Labrada plans to coach his legs as soon as each 9 days in his new eight-week cut up in gentle of his preparation for the 2022 Olympia. On the opposite hand, he goals to work on different muscle teams a minimum of twice per week. 

The 2022 Olympia will happen in Las Vegas, NV, from December fifteenth to 18th. 

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