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Blood Sugar Level Charts for Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2

Diabetes impacts your physique’s capacity to regulate your blood sugar (glucose) ranges. Uncontrolled blood sugar can result in severe issues, which is why monitoring your blood sugar and maintaining it inside beneficial ranges is so essential.

Your beneficial blood sugar vary could be impacted by a wide range of components equivalent to your age, general well being, and diabetes administration targets.

The charts on this article will enable you to perceive the beneficial ranges for blood sugar in addition to for A1C.

Recommended blood sugar ranges may help you establish whether or not your blood sugar is in a “normal” vary.

However, your blood sugar goal stage might differ from the final suggestion resulting from:

  • your general well being
  • your age
  • the presence of different well being situations (referred to as comorbidities)
  • the size of time you’ve had diabetes

A physician or healthcare skilled will let you recognize what the goal vary needs to be for you, based mostly in your well being and medical historical past.

Recommended blood sugar vary for adults with kind 1 and kind 2 diabetes and youngsters with kind 2 diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, these ranges are beneficial for adults with both kind 1 or kind 2 diabetes and for youngsters with kind 2 diabetes:

Ranges are adjusted for youngsters underneath 18 years with kind 1 diabetes, pregnant individuals, and other people with gestational diabetes, as outlined within the charts beneath.

Blood sugar vary for youngsters underneath 18 years with kind 1 diabetes

The chart beneath exhibits the recommended blood sugar range for youngsters underneath 18 years with kind 1 diabetes.

Recommended blood sugar vary for pregnant individuals with kind 1 diabetes

The chart beneath outlines the recommended blood sugar range for people who find themselves pregnant and have kind 1 diabetes.

Blood sugar vary for individuals with gestational diabetes

The chart beneath exhibits the recommended blood sugar range for individuals with gestational diabetes.

Recommended blood sugar in case you don’t have diabetes

For individuals with out diabetes, the usual blood sugar vary is similar, no matter age or well being situation. However, a health care provider might set completely different targets based mostly in your particular circumstances.

For occasion, you probably have a number of threat components for diabetes, a health care provider would possibly need your blood sugar to be inside a tighter vary.

The standard blood sugar range for individuals who don’t have diabetes is printed within the chart beneath.

AIC is a measure of your common blood sugar over the previous 3 months. To have your A1C measured, you’ll want a blood draw.

When sugar enters your bloodstream, it binds to a protein referred to as hemoglobin. People who’ve excessive blood sugar have the next share of the hemoglobin protein coated with sugar. Your A1C consequence provides you with a sign of what share of your hemoglobin is certain to sugar.

In the chart beneath you’ll be able to see whether or not your A1C result falls right into a “normal” vary or whether or not it may very well be an indication of prediabetes or diabetes.

It’s typically beneficial that folks with any kind of diabetes preserve their A1C beneath 7 p.c.

However, different well being situations and well being targets would possibly change this. A physician will let you recognize whether or not, based mostly in your distinctive components, you may have a special A1C objective.

Keeping observe of your blood sugar is among the most essential components of diabetes administration.

Careful monitoring of your blood sugar and realizing what might trigger it to rise or fall may help you and a well being staff develop a diabetes care plan and set remedy targets.

Additionally, measuring your blood sugar may help you:

  • monitor how medicines are impacting your blood sugar ranges
  • decide how completely different meals and meals selections affect your blood sugar
  • decide whether or not train or different life-style modifications are impacting your blood sugar ranges
  • preserve observe of your general progress

Even in case you don’t have diabetes, it’s a good suggestion to get your blood sugar checked periodically. A physician would possibly order a blood sugar check as a part of an annual bodily. If you may have any threat components for diabetes, it’s possible you’ll have to get your blood sugar checked extra typically.

High blood sugar ranges, referred to as hyperglycemia, could make you’re feeling drained or thirsty and may even make your imaginative and prescient blurry. Many components could cause a spike in your blood sugar, together with:

  • stress
  • sickness
  • taking too little insulin
  • consuming massive meals or consuming extra carbohydrates than ordinary
  • being much less bodily energetic than ordinary

Over time, excessive blood sugar can result in severe issues equivalent to:

Fast-acting insulin

If your blood sugar is larger than beneficial, you’ll be able to convey it down by taking fast-acting insulin. Talk with a health care provider about how a lot insulin you must take in case your blood sugar is above a sure stage.

However, you’ll need to make certain that you bear in mind any insulin it’s possible you’ll have already got in your physique. Some varieties of insulin can take a number of hours to be totally absorbed, so that you’ll need to keep away from taking an excessive amount of insulin in case you nonetheless have some that hasn’t taken impact but. This may trigger your blood sugar to drop too low.

You’ll need to examine your blood sugar inside 15 to half-hour after administering insulin to ensure your blood sugar is coming down however not dropping too low.


Another efficient method to decrease your blood sugar is to train. When you’re bodily energetic, your physique makes use of up extra glucose in your blood. However, you probably have extreme hyperglycemia, you must keep away from train as it could possibly velocity up ketoacidosis, a probably life threatening situation.

Talk with a healthcare skilled in case you’ve been having frequent spikes in your blood sugar ranges. They might need to alter your medicines or work with you to develop a special weight loss program plan.

Low blood sugar is outlined as blood sugar beneath 70 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dL). If your blood sugar drops too low, you would possibly really feel:

  • dizzy or light-headed
  • shaky
  • hungry
  • irritable
  • drained
  • unable to focus or focus

If your blood sugar stays low, you’ll be able to grow to be confused and have bother talking and seeing. Blood sugar that stays low for an extended time period can result in severe issues equivalent to a coma or seizures.

Let a health care provider know in case your blood sugar commonly falls too low. You would possibly want to alter the kind or quantity of insulin you’re taking or the time at which you’re taking it.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to make an observation of the signs you expertise throughout a low blood sugar episode and the way lengthy it takes in your blood sugar to recuperate. This info may help a health care provider develop the appropriate kind of care plan for you.

Monitoring your blood sugar is a key a part of diabetes administration. Blood sugar ranges that constantly fall throughout the beneficial ranges are an indication that your medicines, weight loss program, and different diabetes remedies are working properly.

Blood sugar ranges are basic pointers. You may need a barely completely different beneficial blood sugar vary relying in your general well being, age, the size of time you’ve had diabetes, and different components.

If your blood sugar ranges steadily spike too excessive or drop too low, speak with a healthcare skilled about making a change to your diabetes administration plan.

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