A powder comprised of grinding dried beets would be the secret to raised efficiency in actions akin to distance operating, biking and … ahem … a sure different sweaty endeavor.

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Research exhibits that consuming beetroot powder or beet juice can boost physical performance and stamina by growing blood circulation and oxygen supply in your physique. Basically, it’s blood doping by way of a root vegetable.

So, what sort of magic is the standard beet utilizing? Let’s discover out from registered dietitian Carly Sedlacek, RDN, LD.

What is beetroot powder?

Beets are a knobby root vegetable with a particular darkish purple coloring. It’s an easy-to-grow crop that’s been round for eons, which can clarify why it pops up in so many recipes and cultural cuisines.

Beetroot powder is comprised of dehydrated beets which are floor down into tiny particles. The powder is a concentrated model of the vegetable. (One teaspoon of beetroot powder is taken into account the identical as a complete beet!)

Many view beets as a “superfood” given their spectacular dietary resume, says Sedlacek. Beetroot powder is rising in reputation as a complement that faucets into these pure well being advantages.

Beetroot powder might be combined with water to make a juice or added to smoothies, sauces and even baked items for a dietary bump.

Beetroot powder as a efficiency enhancer

Understanding how beetroot powder can function a pure efficiency enhancer takes a bit of information of organic science.

Let’s begin with this truth: Beetroot powder is wealthy in nitrate, a compound made from nitrogen and oxygen. On its personal, nitrate doesn’t do a lot to your physique. But when your saliva converts it to nitrite and nitric oxide … effectively, good issues occur.

“Nitric oxide relaxes and expands your blood vessels, which allows for increased blood flow and more oxygen delivered throughout your body,” explains Sedlacek. “In athletic terms, that can help you perform better for longer.”

There’s loads of proof exhibiting how consuming beetroot powder can enhance efficiency in endurance actions, too. For occasion:

There’s much less conclusive analysis concerning whether or not beetroot powder can increase quick-burst actions akin to sprinting or weightlifting. But a recent study of sprint cyclists signifies there could also be some advantages in actions the place the main focus is on energy and acceleration.

When to make use of beetroot powder

Timing is vital in case you’re planning to make use of beetroot powder to realize a aggressive edge. The cause? It’s not precisely a fast-acting pre-workout complement.

“Beetroot powder works best if taken about two to three hours before performance,” says Sedlacek. “It needs some time to get in your system. You’re not going to take it and see instant results.”

Plus, a giant increase isn’t assured: “Supplements affect everyone differently,” notes Sedlacek. “It might be something you need to experiment with a bit within the recommended amounts to take.”

Beetroot powder for sexual well being?

Beetroot powder additionally could assist improve amorous bodily exercise for women and men.

Studies present that nitric oxide “is an essential mediator of erectile function.” Given that, many imagine that beetroot powder may help alleviate erectile dysfunction (ED) by bettering blood circulation to the penis.

In addition, beetroot powder works to lower hypertension — one other frequent explanation for ED.

High blood strain can also scale back blood circulation to the clitoris and vagina, reducing libido and making it harder to get aroused. In principle, beetroot powder could handle these points and enhance the sexual expertise.

It must be famous, although, that claims associated to beetroot powder and sexual well being are skinny on scientific affirmation and heavy on anecdotal tales.

Other potential advantages of beetroot powder

The listing of potential advantages supplied by beetroot powder additionally consists of:

  • Fighting irritation. Beets and beetroot powder comprise betalains, an antioxidant and pure pigment with anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is linked to ailments akin to coronary heart illness, bronchial asthma and Type 2 diabetes.
  • High-fiber content material. Eating a weight loss plan excessive in fiber can decrease your threat of persistent illness ­— and beetroot powder is filled with fiber.
  • Better mind operate. Increased blood circulation to your mind may help with cognitive operate.
  • Potassium supply. Surprise! A beet incorporates extra potassium than a banana, an attribute that’s handed alongside in beetroot powder. Potassium may help decrease blood strain and enhance coronary heart well being.

Risks of beetroot

If you’ve ever handed a kidney stone, you NEVER need to expertise the sensation once more. So, know this about beetroot powder: It’s excessive in oxalates, which may contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

“Beetroot powder can put you at risk of kidney stones, especially if you’ve had them previously,” cautions Sedlacek.

Also, bear in mind that your restroom output could look a bit completely different in case you devour beetroot powder. The vibrant purple coloring of the complement could add a unique tint to your urine and poop.

In common, too, it’s greatest to speak to your healthcare supplier about including a complement to your routine in case you’re taking medicines or working via a well being situation.

Bottom line

Beetroot powder and beetroot juice have gained in reputation as “functional foods” for athletic efficiency. The International Olympic Committee even acknowledged beet juice as a reputable sports activities meals.

“Beetroot is generally recognized as being safe to use,” states Sedlacek. “It’s worth trying if you’re looking for an edge, but don’t expect miracles. There’s some good research showing potential benefits — but as with anything, there are no guarantees.”

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