Avoid These 6 Common Family Reunion Disasters

1. Food poisoning

Nobody needs a nasty potato salad to be the one factor they bear in mind from their reunion weekend. Every 12 months, 1 in 6 Americans get hit with meals poisoning, struggling signs like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. ​

​Most incidents of meals poisoning happen when meals isn’t maintained on the correct temperature, in line with Darin Detwiler, a meals security skilled and professor at Northeastern University. ​

​“A potato salad could be in the car for two hours before it’s served,” he says. “No one uses a food thermometer at a family reunion.” ​

​​Detwiler suggests prepping meals at house and cooking it on-site, ensuring to serve sizzling meals instantly and to maintain chilly meals on ice. Better but, name within the execs. ​

​“A professional catering company will deliver food when you need it, keep it heated or cooled to eliminate those risk factors,” Detwiler says.​

2. Canceled flights

Planning to fly to your reunion? Go early, giving your self a cushion of time so that you don’t miss out on reunion actions, advises Jen Campbell Boles, founding father of Explore More Family Travel.​

​“[Fly] in at least a day early until the airlines are staffed up,” Boles advises.​

 ​As of July 1, there have been greater than 820,000 flight delays and 116,000 cancelled flights this 12 months, in line with the flight monitoring firm FlightAware. ​​

It’s additionally a good suggestion to buy journey insurance coverage.​​

“Having travel insurance gives you the flexibility to be rebooked outside of the airline you are working with [and] could be the key to getting there,” says Boles.​​

3. Freeloading family

The value for a venue, resort rooms, catering, leisure and matching household T-shirts or different reunion swag can add up. So, what concerning the cousins who confirmed up, wore the T-shirts, ate the meals and loved the festivities—however by no means paid? Psychologist Donna Marino suggests giving them the advantage of the doubt. ​

​“Perhaps they forgot or didn’t have the money at the time,” says Marino. “Greet them as you would any paying family member … and say something like, ‘It’s so good to see you, I had no idea you were coming. I was just collecting everyone’s contribution to the event.’”​

​If your family nonetheless don’t hand over their fair proportion, Marino suggests weighing whether or not the connection is extra vital than the cash, including, “Could there be something going on with them and they could really use their family right now? Could you sponsor them to be there? Be thoughtful in your response.”​

​You may need to rent a journey agent or occasion planner to coordinate the reunion and handle the disagreeable job of gathering fee.​

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