Are There Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

The autoimmune illness rheumatoid arthritis impacts greater than 1.3 million folks within the United States. While the situation is much extra widespread in girls and folks designated feminine at start than males and folks designated male at start, it might have an effect on anybody at any age.

“It’s not actually a disease of old age — it’s a disease of immune dysfunction,” says rheumatologist Rochelle Rosian, MD. “There can be a genetic predisposition. But usually, we think there’s a trigger for the condition, something that overtakes your system and sets it off.”

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What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is “an inflammatory polyarthritis,” says Dr. Rosian. “Your body attacks the lining of joints.” Over time, this may trigger the cushion round these joints to interrupt down. “Rheumatoid arthritis causes erosions,” she explains. “It destroys those joints. This can lead to loss of independence because you can’t do things like bathing, dressing and feeding yourself.”

Dr. Rosian says rheumatoid arthritis can have an effect on any joint in your physique. However, it mostly impacts small joints, like these in your arms and ft. Still, rheumatoid arthritis is taken into account a systemic sickness, which means your complete physique feels its impression.

“When you have strep throat, the infection is in your throat, but you feel sick all over,” says Dr. Rosian. “It’s similar with rheumatoid arthritis. You feel unwell, almost like you have the flu. You have a fever, but don’t run a temperature. Or you may lose weight.”

Other widespread indicators and signs embrace muscle stiffness within the morning, swollen joints which are sizzling to the contact, fatigue and ache that’s symmetrical — which means it emerges in each of your arms or each of your ft.

Natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis

Managing rheumatoid arthritis with out remedy is feasible. Dr. Rosian says the principle methods to handle rheumatoid arthritis with out remedy contain modifications to food regimen and train

Current pure treatments that may assist rheumatoid arthritis embrace:

Anti-inflammatory food regimen

What you eat issues with rheumatoid arthritis. “The best natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is an anti-inflammatory diet,” says Dr. Rosian. “This diet typically is low in animal protein. You would eat more plant-based proteins, including legumes, nuts and seeds.”

An anti-inflammatory food regimen isn’t essentially vegetarian, although. “Some people are sensitive to things like lactose or gluten,” Dr. Rosian explains. “If anything you eat bothers your stomach or your gastrointestinal system, you should minimize it.”


With rheumatoid arthritis, you need to maintain shifting and keep as limber as potential. “Any kind of arthritis is, ‘use it or lose it,’” says Dr. Rosian. “If you let it rest, it’ll rust. So, stretching is important. Applying heat and ice are also really good treatments for keeping your ligaments tendons and joints lubricated.”

Good mechanics

When you’re stretching and exercising, following good mechanics — in different phrases, sustaining correct posture and muscle motion and positioning — is essential so that you keep away from joint pressure.

“When you’re walking, you want to avoid your feet rolling in or out because that could affect your knees or your hips,” says Dr. Rosian. “Keep an even gait, maintain good posture and engage your abdominal muscles. You want to make sure you’re wearing smart shoes, not flip-flops.”

For each day actions you may do round the home, Dr. Rosian additionally recommends utilizing care so that you don’t pressure joints. Use kitchen instruments which have a thicker grip and put on gloves whereas chopping meals to get extra help. “Pick the kind of tools to use where your joints don’t have to work as hard,” she advises. “There are many brands of kitchen and garden tools that have more soft, squishy grips.”

When writing, you may also put a grip in your pen and pencil to make every little thing “a little bit chubbier and a little bit squishier,” she provides. “A lot of people also get wrist supports to use when they’re on their computer, or cushions under their mouse or under their keyboards.”

Omega-3 fish oil

Supplements of omega-3 fish oil — particularly the kind with DHA and EPA, each present in seafood — are really useful. Dr. Rosian says the standard dose to deal with irritation is 1,000 milligrams twice a day. However, fish oil can intrude with sure different prescription drugs, so you need to at all times discuss to your physician earlier than beginning to take this.


Some research have proven turmeric to have anti-inflammatory results. Dr. Rosian says 750 milligrams twice a day, or 1,000 milligrams as soon as a day, is the perfect dose.

Natural treatments to keep away from

Not each pure treatment touted to deal with rheumatoid arthritis is secure or efficient. For instance, Dr. Rosian says dietary supplements similar to glucosamine and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) doubtless don’t have a lot of an impression.

You must also avoid any complement that claims it’s an immune booster. “This sounds counterintuitive, but people should avoid immune boosters,” Dr. Rosian provides. “This can boost your whole immune system.”

While that may sound like an excellent factor, this has the potential for unintended unhealthy unintended effects, she notes. “People living with rheumatoid arthritis don’t have a weak immune system. They have a dysfunctional immune system. So, it’ll boost the good parts of their immune system — and also boost the part that’s not functioning properly.”

Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

Despite the pure treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, some folks do want further remedy or therapy to deal with the situation.

Years in the past, aspirin was a mainstay of remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. “The problem is it doesn’t modify the disease,” says Dr. Rosian. “It helps with the inflammation, but it doesn’t slow the progression. And it gives people lots of bruising and bleeding at the doses that you need to take it.”

However, folks dwelling with rheumatoid arthritis have extra choices at present. “There are more disease-modifying treatments for rheumatoid arthritis now than there ever have been,” says Dr. Rosian. Common remedies embrace anti-inflammatory meds and prednisone, in addition to “more directed treatments, like immunosuppressive medicines and new families of biologics and oral biologics and injectable medications,” she provides.

“It’s a different disease than it used to be 20, 30 years ago,” notes Dr. Rosian. “There are so many good medications that slow down the disease. I like to use the phrase ‘remission on meds.’ People don’t develop joint erosions. People don’t look like they ever have rheumatoid arthritis if we can detect it and we treat them early.”

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