This astute 23-year-old male examined his donor space by way of a hand microscope bought from Amazon after studying some recommendation I gave on Reddit.  He was suspicious about having DUpA primarily based on his view of his donor space, so he despatched them on to me for an opinion.  Both Dr. Bernstein and I imagine that this can be a case of DUPA.  Not that the darkish thick hairs are regular terminal hairs, whereas a lot of the different hairs have a smaller diameter, some are even thinner than the remaining.  These skinny hairs are miniaturized.  I can’t say how lengthy they may survive within the donor space, however I think his development will probably be sluggish. If he had been to make use of it for a hair transplant by a health care provider who’s ignorant on what DUPA appears like, his hair transplant possible will fail, and the shock to the donor space may speed up the disappearance of hair there (I’m speculating).  CLICK TO ENLARGE


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