Akron tattoo store holds flash sale, donates proceeds to abortion funds

Slinkii leaned ahead of their stool, expertly maneuvering the tattoo gun throughout shopper Abby Starr’s ankle.

The tattoo artist used their gloved hand to wipe away extra ink, revealing a thin-lined juice field displaying the phrases “Bad Bitch Juice.”

Slinkii’s signature is a juice field, however this one is especially particular.

Black Amethyst Tattoo Co. artist Slinkii works on a tattoo for Abby Star of Cleveland during the shop's flash sale to raise money for local abortion funds.

The tattoo was a part of a flash sale by Black Amethyst Tattoo Company, a women-owned store in Akron using feminine and nonbinary artists like Slinkii, who goes by this identify professionally.

All proceeds went to state abortion funds and contraception choices for his or her prospects.

“I feel like we’re doing all we know how to do, which is tattoo,” said shop owner Erica Rose. “We’re just trying to turn that into something that could be helpful and beneficial.”

‘It saved my life’

It’s a trigger that’s private for Slinkii, who had an abortion  at age 15.

Abby Star of Cleveland, right, is all smiles as she watches Slinkii tattoo her leg during Black Amethyst Tattoo Co.'s during the shop's flash sale to raise money for local abortion funds on Monday.

“It saved my life,” Slinkii mentioned. “I was too young to have a child. I myself was a child. I just want everyone to have the option I did.”

The flash sale, which ran July 3 and 4, was prompted by the U.S. Supreme Court’s latest ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which successfully overturned Roe v. Wade and prompted Ohio’s swift enactment of the so-called “heartbeat bill,” banning abortion after fetal cardiac exercise could be detected, usually round six weeks.

Black Amethyst Tattoo Co. artists Erica Rose, front, and Slinkii tattoo customers during the shop's flash sale to raise money for local abortion funds.

“It affects all of us,” Rose said. “Every person who works here has a uterus.”

The day Roe v. Wade fell: Reactions inside and outdoors Greater Akron’s solely abortion clinic

Flash gross sales are typically supplied by outlets or artists as a method to tattoo as many individuals throughout a brief time period as doable utilizing pre-drawn designs. Black Amethyst’s sale was by appointment solely, and all appointments had been promptly stuffed throughout the day of posting.

Most art work pertains to feminine empowerment or reproductive autonomy, corresponding to floral outlines of a uterus or sayings like “my body, my choice,” but other gender-neutral designs were offered as well.

The two-day sale raised $9,410. All artists donated their time and supplies and did not accept tips unless it went toward the fundraiser.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to have options for everyone that needs it,” said artist Sadie Winter. “The least we can do is donate a couple needs and ink and our time.”

‘Abortion is health care’

The money supports operations for Women Have Options Ohio, a statewide abortion fund that assists with out-of-state travel and paying for the procedure, and Preterm Cleveland, a nonprofit sexual health clinic offering abortion services and care.

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