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Acushnet Landscaper Offers Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn in a Drought

Did you recognize your garden wants at the very least one inch of water per week to remain flourishing and plush?

“With the little amount of rain, especially over the past two weeks, most lawns are in drought stress,” mentioned Joe Marmelo, proprietor and operator of Marmelo Landscaping in Acushnet. “Unfortunately, if your lawn is really burnt, it’s next to impossible to revive dead grass.”

For disclosure’s sake, the Marmelo household are our in-laws. We’ve relied on Marmelo’s experience for many years, and these days with the drought, all of us can use some useful issues to recollect about nurturing our lawns.

“You want to try to water every other day or so for about 30 minutes in zones. The best time is at dawn, just after the sun rises, because the water doesn’t evaporate as much and the water has time to sink in the soil,” Marmelo mentioned. “But whatever you do, remember not to water the lawn in the bright sun, or in the afternoon, when it’s 90 degrees.”

Marmelo advisable to maintain your mower excessive in dry circumstances.

“In weather like we’ve been having, don’t cut your lawn low,” he mentioned. “Mowing your lawn while it’s burnt and dry can cause permanent damage, so be careful, because it’s easier to prevent damage than it is to reverse it.”

Until now, we have all the time mowed our garden, or ought to I say scalped our garden as brief as doable, in an try and not must mow as usually. Apparently, that is not such a sensible factor to do.

“Cutting the grass too short is the biggest mistake most people make. You might save an hour or a little money, but your lawn suffers for it,” Marmelo mentioned.

A inexperienced garden is a coveted prize for a lot of owners, and nothing feels higher than strolling by means of the cool grass in your naked ft within the summertime.

“To have a nice-looking lawn shows that you care about your property, and you want others to see that pride,” Marmelo mentioned. “But a good looking lawn takes a lot of work for sure.”

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