Syntribation seems like an enormous, scary buzzword, however in actuality it’s a easy masturbation methodology that many individuals could have already tried with out placing a label on it!

The hands-free approach gives a variety of advantages that may assist folks with both vulvas or penises discover their sexuality and get in contact with their physique. This article breaks down what syntribation is, why it’s so accessible to folks with completely different our bodies and talents, and a few tips and tips to take advantage of out of your self-love sesh.

What It Is

Syntribation is a masturbation approach the place an individual crosses their legs and rubs their higher thighs collectively to create a pleasurable friction within the genital space. It might be practiced by each folks with vulvas and penises, and is often loved by individuals who like the feeling of humping or grinding towards different objects or folks.

How To Do It

When working towards syntribation, cross your legs over one another and squeeze your thighs collectively. You can do that whereas mendacity down in mattress, sitting down in a chair, and even standing and leaning your abdomen on a desk or counter. Some folks with vulvas additionally observe syntribation with a intercourse toy between their legs, or throughout penetrative intercourse by activating their pelvic flooring muscle groups for extra intense contractions.

As we famous above, syntribation is probably going an exercise that you’ve practiced earlier than; many individuals first come upon sexual sensation when they’re younger via humping or rubbing their thighs collectively. You can observe syntribation along with your garments on or off. 

Syntribation isn’t only for girls; males can strive tucking the top of their penis between their legs and urgent their thighs collectively to stimulate it. The strain of your thighs rubbing collectively may create pleasurable sensations on the testicles.

The Mechanics of Syntribation

Thigh grinding and squeezing can stimulate the inner and exterior elements of the clitoris or the exterior penis head or testes. Contracting the pelvic-floor muscle groups will increase blood move within the genital area for folks with vulvas, which might heighten orgasm. Achieving orgasm via syntribation relies upon utterly on what turns you on and the sorts of sensations you like, so strive quite a lot of completely different positions whilst you discover your physique!


Hands-Free Accessibility

One of the most important advantages of syntribation is that it doesn’t require palms, and could also be extra accessible for individuals who have bother with advantageous motor abilities. Anybody with a vulva or a penis can do it, and also you don’t have to carry something in your palms or transfer your arms whereas masturbating, making it a possible possibility for folks with arthritis or different mobility points.

Pleasure Without Direct Clitoral Contact

For folks with vulvas and clitorises who discover direct stimulation on their clitoris too intense, syntribation gives a option to not directly produce sensation with out overstimulating the clitoris. The clitoris is a extremely delicate physique half densely clustered with nerve endings, and direct stimulation for some folks can really feel intense to the purpose of unpleasantness or ache, hindering their potential to orgasm via direct clitoral stimulation. Indirect clitoral sensation via syntribation permits for full management of the depth and pace of stimulation.

Indirect stimulation has one other benefit- because it’s not genital-focused, pre-op transgender AFAB or AMAB individuals who don’t really feel comfy touching their genitalia immediately could discover it extra comfy.


The mind is your strongest intercourse organ, and an enormous a part of sexual enchantment comes from the creativeness. Syntribation might be practiced discreetly in public, providing the added psychological attract of stimulating your self with out anyone being conscious. For individuals who get pleasure from exhibitionism or the idea of doing “something naughty” in public with out disturbing the peace, syntribation could be a good possibility.

Tips and Tricks

Try Different Locations and Outfits

We simply talked concerning the discreteness of this method; some folks could discover it attractive to syntribate at work, in nature, or whereas on a telephone name with out anyone figuring out. The friction of how completely different varieties of garments really feel towards your pores and skin may additionally be enjoyable to play with. Restrictive, coarse garments like denims or corduroy could really feel pleasurable to some folks, for instance. Others could get pleasure from the best way velvet feels towards the pores and skin, or syntribating in a good pencil skirt (maybe beneath your desk at work).

Integrate Different Fantasies and Forms of Erotica

As with any type of sexual exploration, incorporating completely different sexual fantasies and types of erotica might help anyone uncover what they like. For instance, you may hearken to audio erotica to color an image in your head whilst you syntribate, or watch porn. 

Use a Pillow

Since you’re already squeezing your thighs collectively throughout syntribation, you may strive placing a small pillow between your legs to amplify how every contraction feels. Stuffing a pillow or hand between the thighs creates resistance and friction between your legs, which might help in the event you’re additionally doing kegels whereas syntribating.

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