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8 Yoga Myths to Stop Believing Today

“Me, do yoga? I’m not
versatile. Like, in any respect.”

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If that thought has ever crossed your thoughts ― or in case you’ve ever felt like taking a yoga class is out of the query since you don’t have a “yoga body” ― you may not be getting the entire image.

At its core, yoga is for everybody, and there are various other ways of doing it. It’s additionally not only one singular factor ― it’s a apply that weaves collectively bodily postures with respiratory strategies and aware meditation to ship heaps of advantages to your thoughts and physique.

Studies repeatedly show that yoga has wonderful stress management benefits,” says Judi Bar, a yoga therapist and Yoga Program Manager. And that’s only the start; research have additionally discovered that yoga will help:

Still can’t think about your self donning stretchy pants and moving into downward-facing canine? Bar has heard all of it earlier than and is right here to handle a number of the most typical causes individuals give for lacking out on what yoga has to supply.

“I can’t do yoga — I can’t even touch my toes!”

Flexibility is one thing that’s gained from a daily yoga apply, not one thing that’s required
with the intention to begin one, Bar says.

Yoga apply is meant to be tailored to satisfy each particular person at his or her personal stage. “The whole essence of yoga is wrapping yoga around a person ― not asking them to bend this and that way,” she says. “We always want people to go at their own pace, don’t force anything and listen to their body.”

“Yoga is for women.”

The irony of this false impression is that (primarily based on the earliest descriptions of yoga that we now have) it was began by males who taught it to different males in India. Somewhere alongside the way in which, because it grew to become popularized within the Western world, it took on female associations.

“Part of it is, I think, the mind-body piece of it attracted women here initially,” Bar says. “But there are certainly wonderful male teachers and a lot of men that do yoga.”

“I’ll probably get hurt.”

The mistake that folks make in taking on yoga just isn’t
investigating the accessible types and lecturers sufficient to seek out what’s proper for
them, Bar says.

“If a category is simply too quick or excessive, or if we put an excessive amount of
stress on ourselves, that’s how we get harm,” she says.

Start with a category labeled “beginner” or “gentle.” And bear in mind, you don’t should twist your self right into a pretzel to do yoga. Listen to your physique, and let the trainer understand it’s your first time so she or he can supply modifications and changes.

“I can’t do yoga because I have back pain.”

Actually, studies suggest yoga can really assist relieve decrease again ache. “There are poses and breaths and meditations that absolutely support people with pain,” Bar says.

This is one other case by which the expertise of the trainer and the kind of class will probably be paramount. You would possibly need to search out a category taught by a yoga therapist, which is an teacher who has extra coaching in serving to individuals with bodily challenges like ache, or people who find themselves recovering from an damage.

Look for lessons labeled “gentle” or “therapeutic,” and even
chair yoga.

“I’m looking for something that’s actually exercise.”

If you’re wanting a extra fast-paced type that may actually problem your muscle mass, search for vinyasa or Ashtanga lessons, which contain poses linked collectively into sequences. Hot yoga and Bikram yoga may additionally assist you to transfer deeper into poses ― and make you sweat.

But these extra rigorous sorts of yoga should not one thing you
need to simply leap into, Bar says.

“Again, the secret’s to decide on a category that’s acceptable for
your individual health stage, flexibility, tolerance for warmth and understanding of
alignment,” she says. “When we transfer with stress and velocity and we don’t perceive
alignment, that’s when accidents occur.”

“I don’t own designer athleisure or any fancy equipment.”

All you really want to do yoga is one thing comfortable to put on and
a mat beneath your toes, and it may be performed nearly anyplace (thanks,

“A mat simply makes it a bit of bit safer so that you don’t slip,
and it pads you a bit of while you’re laying down,” Bar explains.

Extra props aren’t obligatory for a lot of types of yoga. Or, if you wish to use them, you’ll find objects round your home that may work the identical approach ― say, use a e-book as an alternative of a block or a belt as an alternative of a strap.

“It won’t help me lose weight.”

Since it’s not normally a calorie-torching exercise, some individuals assume yoga isn’t useful for weight reduction. But proof suggests that’s not true.

It’s really the psychological advantages of yoga which might be probably to contribute to weight reduction. “One of the biggest benefits of yoga is the clarity of mind and self-awareness that come with it,” Bar says.

“When we’re more aware, we’re able to make behavioral changes and be more mindful in our choice of how we eat, what we eat and when we eat.”

“I’m too old to start yoga.”

“I teach people who are 90 years old,” Bar reassures.
“There’s this notion that yoga needs to be quick and also you’re on the bottom and
you’re sweating, however that’s not the case.”

She advises that child boomers and seniors look to their
native recreation heart for mild or therapeutic yoga lessons, or chair yoga,
as these are usually extra adaptive than lessons at a classy yoga studio.

Yoga could be accessible and attainable for anybody ― simply bear in mind to all the time hearken to your physique and discover a class and an teacher that help you.

So go forward, absorb that Savasana and be in your technique to a clearer thoughts and a extra relaxed physique.

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