7 Tips to Try if You Have Trouble Putting in Contact Lenses

After plopping them in sufficient instances, you will get used to these sticky little domes that hug your eyeballs so you possibly can see higher (or see in any respect, relying in your prescription power). 

But like many every day habits, there is a studying curve to sporting prescription contacts. After all, our eyes instinctively shut up once they sense hazard, like a shaking, protruding finger attempting to insert a chunk of plastic. 

Whether you are a brand new or returning contact lens consumer, listed here are a couple of tips to get this routine to really feel like second nature. 

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How to place in your contacts 

First, let’s begin with the fundamentals: the way to get these contact lenses into your eye as comfortably as potential.

1. Thoroughly wash and dry your arms. You can usually blame uncomfortable contacts on one thing being on the lens. To guarantee you do not switch something into your eye and to reduce your threat of eye infections, get these arms clear. Be certain that they’re dry. 

2. Scoop the primary contact out of the case utilizing your fingertip, not your nail. You can gently shake the case first if both lens is caught to the facet. Then, rinse out the lens with contact answer. Do not use faucet water. Plain water can permit dangerous micro organism to stay to the lens and infect your eye.

3. Inspect the lens. Check that it isn’t torn, creased or soiled. Also, ensure that it isn’t inside-out. When the lens sits on the tip of your finger, it ought to have constant curvature across the lip. If it is flaring out, the lens might be inside-out. Flip it the opposite method earlier than you place it in your eye. 

4. Put within the lens. Place the contact lens on the tip of the pointer finger in your dominant hand. Use your different hand to softly pull your prime eyelid up, making it simpler to get the lens into your eye with out hitting your eyelid or eyelashes. Gently faucet the finger with the lens on it to your eye. The moisture of your eye ought to be sufficient to switch the lens out of your finger to your cornea. 

5. Adjust the lens. Blink a couple of instances. Then, look down, up, proper and left. This facilities the lens in your cornea. 

6. Repeat with the opposite eye. You know the drill. 

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Caring to your contact lenses

Just realizing the way to put in contacts is a key first step. But sporting your contact lenses comfortably day by day hinges on you realizing the way to deal with them. This is comparatively simple you probably have every day lenses (those you put on as soon as, then toss). 

However, in the event you put on some other sort of lens, discuss together with your optometrist about greatest practices for contact care. They could suggest a selected sort of contact answer. 

Generally, it is best to take your contacts out and put them in a clear case in that answer:

  • Before you go to mattress: Unless you may have lenses particularly designed for sleeping, take away your contacts every night time earlier than mattress. 
  • Before you get moist: Whether you are hopping within the bathe or going for a swim, take your contacts out first since you possibly can lose a lens within the water. Also, the water may switch one thing onto your lens or compromise the construction of the lens. 

We will not dig too deeply into the way to take away contact lenses right here, however the primary steps are: 

1. Wash and dry your arms. 

2. Gently pinch the lens from the floor of your eye. 

3. Put your contact lenses right into a clear case stuffed with contact answer.

You ought to be changing two issues recurrently:

  • The contact lenses themselves: Follow your optometrist’s route right here, whether or not which means swapping your lenses out every day, weekly, bi-weekly or month-to-month. Wearing them previous the really helpful time can result in a buildup on the lens. 
  • The case: Swap out the case for a brand new one each three months to make sure you all the time retailer the lenses in a hygienic atmosphere. Many contact answer firms embody instances with the bottles of answer they promote.

Finally, prep earlier than you go on trip. You may need to purchase a small bottle of answer to pack in your toiletries bag. In basic, if you’re touring, caring to your contacts could be additional difficult. 

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7 tips for newcomers

If you are simply beginning out with contacts, right here are some things to understand that could make your transition simpler. 

Know contact lenses are secure

When used correctly (that’s, taken out each night time, dealt with with clear arms and changed on time), contacts are a secure type of imaginative and prescient correction utilized by roughly 45 million people within the US. They’re additionally regulated as medical devices by the US Food and Drug Administration, so you possibly can relaxation assured the fabric you are sticking in there may be secure and agreeable to your delicate eyeballs.

And know this: Contact lenses won’t ever get caught behind your eye, the American Academy of Ophthalmology says. That’s as a result of there is a membrane connecting your eyeball to your eyelid. So in case your eyes are too dry, you insert the contact humorous or there’s one other mishap with the lens, know your search is barely short-term and you’ll quickly be reunited together with your contact lens, often with a delicate finesse or a couple of drops of contact answer to loosen its maintain.

Another necessary fable to bust, as laid out by contact retailer PerfectLens, is that contacts are uncomfortable. Once you get used to placing them in, contacts ought to be so comfy you possibly can’t inform they’re there. (If they’re uncomfortable and you have not been sporting them for too lengthy, contact your eye physician to see in the event you want a brand new model or a unique eye measurement.) 

Ask your optometrist for coaching

These eye professionals have all the most effective tips for studying the way to put on your particular sort of contact lenses. Some optometrists cost a charge for contact lens coaching, however there isn’t any higher approach to discover ways to put contacts in. 

Try touching your eye

We know this goes towards just about every thing you’ve got ever been instructed. But you need to recover from that preliminary recoil you may really feel. With clear arms, strive gently making contact with the white of your eye. 

If you possibly can contact your eye together with your finger, you possibly can contact your eye with a contact lens. You’ll in all probability discover that the lens making contact together with your eye is far more comfy than your finger. That’s as a result of it is particularly designed to suit over your cornea, distributing strain throughout your eye quite than onto a single level.

Keep your nails brief and trimmed

I’ve had my nails “done” precisely twice and each units of longer-than-usual nails turned a every day routine I barely have to consider right into a talent to remaster, like studying the way to drive in snow each winter.

If you are a daily long-nailer who’s mastered the artwork of pinching a contact with out nicking the lens, or your eye, congratulations on making it to the subsequent stage. But for newcomers simply getting used to inserting lenses, there’s quite a bit much less room for error and pokes when you may have shorter nails. 

Use each arms

Use the pointer finger of your dominant hand to carry and place the lens, however do not forget about your different hand. You can use it to softly pull up in your eyelid. If you may have a reflexive tendency to attempt to shut your eyes as you go to place your lens in, this may also help. 

Don’t put in contacts when your eyes are crimson or drained

If you are simply beginning out, choose a time to strive inserting contacts when your eyes are alert and awake, versus attempting to squeeze them in at 6 a.m. on a day if you’re already actually drained. Generally talking, it isn’t an excellent thought to place in contacts in case your eyes are feeling irritated, and it is best to by no means sleep in your contacts as a result of that increases your risk of eye infections (a few of which might result in everlasting imaginative and prescient loss) by six or eight instances, the AAO says. 

Similarly, it is best to use rewetting or eye drops in the event that they’re really helpful by your eye physician, the AAO says, particularly in the event you’re beginning out in contacts. Drinking water may also assist stave off dry eyes and ease your eyes into the transition with contact lenses. 

Why are my contact lenses uncomfortable? 

On that notice, let’s discuss what can go fallacious together with your contacts. If you simply bought them, it would take some getting used to. Note: It may really feel odd, but it surely ought to by no means really feel uncomfortable. If you frequently attempt to put on your contacts and really feel like one thing’s caught in your eye, discuss to your optometrist. You might have a unique sort of lens. 

If your optometrist is assured you are in the proper lenses however one feels uncomfortable after you place it in, comply with these steps:

  • Don’t rub your eyes. Resist the urge. Blinking may also help the lens settle into a snug spot, however rubbing your eye may cause it to fold. That will solely make you extra uncomfortable. Plus, if one thing is caught between the contact lens and your cornea, rubbing it might probably scratch your eye.
  • Take it out and examine it. Numerous the time, in case your lens feels uncomfortable, it is as a result of some particles is caught to it, which is transferred to your eye if you put it in. Look carefully on the lens. Even a tiny little thread or speck of grime feels catastrophic as soon as it contacts your eye. Also, ensure that the lens is not torn (which is able to make it really feel like one thing’s in your eye) or inside-out.
  • Check your eyes. If one thing was caught to the contact, it may now be caught to your eye. You may need to use some eye drops to flush your eye. 
  • Try once more. When you are studying the way to put in contacts, it could take a few tries to get it proper. Once you understand the lens and your eye are each debris-free, strive placing the lens again in.
  • Keep your glasses helpful. Learning the way to put contacts in takes time. If you are having a very laborious time one morning, stick to glasses that day. You do not need to irritate your eye repeatedly attempting to get your contacts in. 
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The backside line

You’re not alone on this. It takes most individuals at the very least a pair weeks to get comfy sporting contact lenses. Stick with it — paying cautious consideration to maintaining your lenses clear and debris-free — and it ought to get simpler with time. 

If it does not, the lenses themselves could possibly be accountable. Talk together with your optometrist and contemplate your on-line contact lens choices to seek out what’s greatest to your particular eyes.

The info contained on this article is for instructional and informational functions solely and isn’t supposed as well being or medical recommendation. Always seek the advice of a doctor or different certified well being supplier relating to any questions you will have a few medical situation or well being targets.

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