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7 Chakras: What They Mean & How to Align Them

Healthcare professionals typically reward the advantages of sustaining steadiness in your life. This might imply consuming a nutrient-packed weight loss plan, exercising with a purpose to scale back stress or in search of out constructive actions to maintain your psychological well being sturdy. 

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Balance can also be an integral a part of yoga — and never simply bodily. Sure, yoga is related to constructing muscle power and adaptability, however many individuals additionally discover training to be a non secular expertise. In different phrases, yoga offers your well-being a lift. 

What are chakras?

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you might need heard the time period chakras talked about in relation to sure poses or practices. In Sanskrit, the phrase chakra means “wheel” or “circle,” and it’s an idea traditionally related to historical India, in addition to Tibetan Buddhism and different faiths. 

You can consider chakras as locations in your physique the place vitality — in yoga phrases, prana — congregates or is concentrated. “Chakras are centers of a life force, so to speak,” says yoga therapist Judi Bar, E-500 RYT, C-IAYT. “And they’re reinforced by our breath, by positive thoughts, by eating healthy, and by exercising, to name a few. This life force, or this energy in our body, responds or expands to more positive things.” 

In yoga parlance, prana travels across the physique between chakras through channels referred to as nadi. These channels additionally come into play with acupuncture, a type of historical medication that includes tiny needles pricking the pores and skin. “When a needle is put into the body during acupuncture, it follows a line through our body that helps to support energy and clear energy,” Bar says. 

Just as your vitality would possibly ebb and move resulting from totally different exterior forces — for instance, being stressed or sleep-deprived — chakras can be affected by issues comparable to way of life habits and feelings. This is as a result of chakras are intertwined with the psychological, emotional and non secular elements of your physique. 

The seven chakras

There are seven chakras, every of which corresponds to a unique part of the physique and a unique colour. (Sometimes you would possibly see these chakras linked to a unique a part of your endocrine system or nervous system, though that’s not backed up by scientific research.) Chakra names have been initially written in Sanskrit, though these are the names we usually name them right this moment.

Here are the seven chakras and their related colours and places on the physique. (Note: Sometimes the colours of the higher chakras differ relying on the college of thought related to them.)

Root chakra  

Color: Red 

Location: Bottom of the tailbone  

Sacral chakra 

Color: Orange 

Location: Between the tailbone and the stomach button  

Solar plexus chakra  

Color: Yellow 

Location: Belly button space  

Heart chakra  

Color: Green 

Location: Center of your chest  

Throat chakra 

Color: Blue 

Location: Pit of your throat 

Third eye chakra 

Color: Indigo 

Location: Between your eyebrows 

Crown chakra  

Color: Purple 

Location: The high of your head 

How to align or steadiness your chakras 

Simply taking day trip to chill out can begin to get your steadiness again in form. “Let’s say I’m not pushing for a deadline, or I’ve had a good meal and I’m able to take a nice walk with my dog after work or after dinner,” Bar says. “My body, my mind, everything feels a little bit better. I’m allowing that flow to come through me. Nothing is blocking that energy, which happens when I’m feeling fear, or feeling insecure or nervous.” 

Doing yoga can also be a good way to steadiness your chakras. In reality, every chakra has a corresponding totally different yoga pose and may also reply to our breath and meditation observe.     

However, Bar stresses that even for those who focus your actions on one chakra, you’ll really feel advantages throughout a number of locations. “It’s just like when you move your leg,” says Bar. “It will affect another part of your body. There’s no one pose that affects only one chakra. When you do one motion, it will affect others.” 

Mountain Pose [Root chakra]  

This pose includes you standing up straight together with your knees barely bent and your toes unfold aside sufficient so that you don’t really feel off steadiness, whereas transferring your shoulders again barely and respiratory slowly. 

“Mountain is the basis of all poses,” Bar says. “This pose is about standing tall and focusing on grounding our legs on the floor. That’s one of the best poses we can do for our first chakra, because our root chakra is about our attachment to the Earth or being grounded.” 

Bar provides that mountain pose particularly is an effective instance of motion that impacts many chakras. “When you do mountain pose, it’s very specific to the lower part of the body,” she says. “But just like how all our body systems are tied together, if we’re starting to align and get the energy moving a little bit better in one of the chakras, it’s going to affect the whole system.” 

Knee-to-Chest [Sacral chakra]  

Done when you’re laying down, this pose will discover you pulling one or each of your knees to your chest, so that you appear to be you’re curling up right into a ball. 

“You’re hinging right at the hip socket,” Bar says. “And as you’re pulling in, that’s a really nice second chakra pose. This is pretty accessible. People can even do that in bed.” 

Spinal twist [Solar plexus chakra]  

The spinal twist is finished whereas sitting on a mat or a chair and goals to zero in in your stomach button. “As you stay tall while sitting, point your knees, hips and toes in one direction,” Bar says. Then gently twist your torso, wanting over your shoulder, and taking three gradual, deep breaths earlier than turning the opposite means and repeating on that facet. “As you lengthen your spine to begin to move, and as we twist, we’re hitting that solar plexus area.” 

Fan pose [Heart chakra]  

A modified model of the fish pose, the fan pose goals to open your chest up. “You’re opening up like a fan,” Bar says. “Put your hands behind you and hold the seat back with straight arms, while you’re seated. Then pull your shoulders back and just gently look out.” She provides that the fish pose is “really hard” and will trigger a neck damage, so it’s finest to keep away from that.  

Neck stretch [Throat chakra]  

This is one other pose tailored from elsewhere, the bridge pose, which emphasizes the influence of motion. Drop your chin so it rests in your chest and roll your head back and forth whereas being cautious to not pressure too onerous. “It opens the back of the neck,” Bar says, “and it’s getting blood flow all around the neck to that center.” 

The Gaze [Third eye chakra]  

Bar says there are a number of methods to embrace this pose, however that the “safest and easiest way” is to focus your gaze with the intention of clear seeing. “In meditation, it could be that you’re gazing at a candle,” she says. “But, generally, in a room, you would focus on an object ahead of you that’s not moving. It could be something in nature if you’re outside. Or it could be you’re just sitting here, gazing forward and letting your eyes relax a little bit, with that soft focus.”

Modified downward canine [Crown chakra]  

In yoga’s downward canine pose, you’re inserting your palms and heels on the ground and bending over, so your physique is in a V-shape. However, to do that with a chair, you may place your palms as an alternative on the seat of a chair and bend over, retaining your knees bent or straight and pulled again. Once once more, the thought is you’re getting some blood to move to your head. 

Breathing workouts and meditation 

In addition to doing yoga, respiratory workouts or meditation may also present general steadiness. “In general, meditating, relaxing and breathing will certainly affect and help to balance chakras,” Bar says. “Conscious inhaling it of itself is nice. That might help you be a bit of bit extra balanced, be a bit of bit extra current. If you downregulate that stress response general and calm your ideas, your methods are going to work higher.  

Focusing on a specific space of your physique throughout respiratory and meditation (which is usually referred to as chakra meditation) can be useful.“My first introduction to a chakra meditation was a teacher that just said, ‘OK, think about your tailbone area, and let’s picture a beautiful bright red apple or a red ball or a red light, and feel the warmth of that red,’” Bar recollects. “And you may even see or feel some dark spots, or you may feel it being very bright and vibrant. Notice what you’re feeling with it, and take a big breath in, with the intention of letting go of any tension. That’s very specific of a chakra meditation, and it would go through all the colors.” Not everybody can see or really feel on this means, however don’t be discouraged — it’s nonetheless working. 

The significance of discovering steadiness

At the tip of the day, all of it leads again to steadiness. “When we talk about a balanced lifestyle, it’s that you exercise, you have good work, you have family and friends, you have spirituality, you have education,” Bar says. “This goes with that huge image thought of balancing our thoughts, physique and soul. It makes a complete individual. It offers good steadiness. 

“It’s basically the same thing when we talk about energies. If we’re neglecting some part of our behavior or some part of our life, it’s going to reflect in the energy of our body also. We’re one integrated system. Everything works from each other.”

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