7 Best Exercises To Become A Stronger Rower

If you wish to be a greater rower, you have to do extra than simply observe rowing. You want workout routines that concentrate on your core and improve your grip energy.

On that observe, this is a listing of seven workout routines that may assist enhance your rowing efficiency:

Best Exercises To Become A Stronger Rower

Here’s a take a look at seven such workout routines:

1) Core Training

When it involves rowing, the core is essential. Not solely are you utilizing your core muscular tissues as an influence supply to your stroke, however you are additionally utilizing it to maintain you regular and steady whereas rowing.

A powerful and steady core means you may have much less probability of being thrown off stability or getting fatigued throughout a race. Core coaching can assist enhance your posture, which, in flip, can enhance your general efficiency in rowing.

To do core coaching:

  • Find an train ball or different inflatable object with sufficient room so that you can lie or sit on with out rolling off it. If crucial, place weights on prime of the ball in order that it stays put when you carry out these workout routines (or just maintain on to one thing subsequent to you).
  • Lie down in your again with ft hip-width aside and knees bent at 90 levels (be happy to regulate in accordance with consolation). Your arms must be at a 45-degree angle from the physique, with palms dealing with down in direction of the ground/ball/no matter is used as help for this train.

2) Grip Strength

Grip energy is a vital a part of rowing, and it is value investing time into enhancing your grip. The extra energy you’ll be able to generate along with your palms, the higher off you may be.

  • Test Grip Strength. There are a number of methods to check grip energy at residence, however the simplest way is to make use of a tool that measures pressure. You should purchase one on-line, or discover it at your native health club. If all else fails, there are many free apps that permit customers to check their grip energy utilizing completely different gadgets like bands, rubber tubes or weight plates.
  • Train Grip Strength For Rowing: Lifting weights is a technique to enhance your grip energy; particularly for lifting heavy weights with out dropping them from shoulder peak onto a barbell. That can assist construct up forearm muscular tissues wanted when rowing and growing general physique mass to assist stabilise boats throughout races towards opposing groups.

3) Pull-Ups

The third train that will help you enhance in rowing is the pull-up. A powerful again can assist you row higher, so if you wish to be stronger, do extra pull-ups. Pull-ups are additionally a good way to construct muscle and burn fats on the similar time.

To do a pull-up:

  • Place your palms on the bar along with your palms dealing with away from you (supine grip). Place your ft flat on the bottom or use an elevated platform if crucial.
  • Bend at your hips so that they are near parallel with the ground, and maintain them bent all through all phases of this train for stability functions (or simply bend them barely).
  • Your physique ought to seem like an inverted ‘V’ when seen from above—legs straight, torso bent ahead at waist stage with arms totally prolonged overhead holding onto the bar securely with palms dealing with away from the physique (supine grip).
  • Keep your physique inflexible all through the motion.
  • Don’t permit any rocking aspect to aspect or shifting up/down whereas performing this motion sample.

4) Overhead Squat

To carry out an overhead squat, maintain a pair of dumbbells at arm’s size over your head, palms dealing with ahead and elbows barely bent. This is the beginning place.

Keep your again straight; bend your knees, and decrease your self down as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair with no again help.

Make certain you do not collapse on the hips, and maintain your torso upright all through the motion.

5) Single-leg Squats

If you are on the lookout for a approach to enhance your lower-body energy, single-leg squats are a superb place to start out. They’re additionally nice for constructing muscle within the quads, hamstrings and calves. Moreover, they problem your stability and core energy whereas ensuring you do not overuse one aspect of your physique.

To carry out single-leg squats: stand with ft shoulder-width aside, and maintain dumbbells on the sides or use resistance bands round forearms. Keep your again straight as you push your hips again until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Bend your knees until they attain 90 levels. Teturn to the beginning place by pushing by your heels whereas retaining the pelvis stage (don’t let it tilt ahead or backward). Repeat ten occasions on either side if beginning out, and transfer as much as 15.

6) Burpees

Burpees are a basic full-body train that work your legs, arms, chest and again. They’re additionally nice to your core. In reality, burpees are so efficient in enhancing general health that they have been included within the Army’s bodily coaching programme since 1980.

Burpees contain squatting down and inserting each palms on the ground in entrance of you earlier than leaping up right into a standing place with ft collectively. Jump down right into a squatting place, and return to the place to begin by collapsing right into a mendacity place in your again earlier than getting again up once more, and repeat

If you wish to maximise the advantages of this train for rowing, goal to do three units of 5 burpees each time you heat up or calm down earlier than or after observe or a observe race (or use them as a part of a circuit exercise).

7) Bench Press

The bench press is a compound train that works your chest, shoulders, triceps and abs. This carry is nice for constructing energy and energy in your higher physique.

To carry out a bench press:

  • Grab a dumbbell or barbell with an overhand grip that’s barely wider than shoulder-width
  • Rest it in your thighs, with elbows bent 90 levels.
  • Lower the burden to your chest by bending on the elbows until they’re about 90 levels.
  • Push again as much as the beginning place as rapidly as doable with out permitting momentum that will help you transfer the burden up or down.
  • If you could have hassle finishing this a part of the motion safely or successfully, think about using lighter weights until you are able to do so safely.
  • Do two to a few units of 12 repetitions every week, with one to 2 minutes relaxation between units.


We hope that you just loved our listing of the highest seven workout routines to turn out to be a stronger rower. Building a powerful again and core is pivotal for any good rower.

Remember to coach onerous, and blend in some weightlifting with rowing. Also eat properly, and get some good sleep. All these tips and workout routines ought to provide help to turn out to be a greater rower.

Q. Do you want rowing?

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