6 Natural Diuretics: Foods and Actions to Take

In the second, having a scrumptious meal and drinks is considered one of life’s nice pleasures. However, the aftermath of a huge dinner typically doesn’t really feel fairly so good. You might retain water from overdoing it on salt and really feel bloated and sluggish.

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It is likely to be tempting to discover a fast option to shed that extra water by reaching for an over-the-counter drugs or wanting up the perfect pure diuretics. While the latter is usually a good answer, registered dietitian Julia Zumpano, RD, LD, says you’ll want to be sensible about what you’re doing to scale back the bloat. 

What do diuretics do?

Diuretics are fairly easy: They assist your physique do away with extra gathered water and salt. How do they obtain this? By making you pee extra.

Diuretics are useful in case you have a medical situation that makes you keep water, comparable to kidney failure or congestive coronary heart failure. In truth, they’re additionally typically included in medicines used to deal with hypertension.

Are there any pure diuretics?

Although diuretics generally come within the type of water capsules, there are each meals and actions thought of to be pure diuretics.

Fruits and greens

Water-based fruits and veggies don’t simply present nutritional vitamins and minerals — they may also be good pure diuretics. Zumpano recommends including these diuretic meals into your weight loss program:


Certain herbs — together with parsley and dandelion — are thought of pure diuretics. The trick is how you utilize them, Zumpano says. “Avoid taking medications or herbs in a concentrated form if your need for releasing fluid retention is not disease-based, medication-based or directed by a doctor,” she says. “Using diuretic medications or herbs without proper advice from a certified healthcare professional is definitely not recommended.”

The cause for this comes all the way down to science — or lack thereof. “Herbs are not regulated or researched very well,” Zumpano says. “Generally, it’s hard to manage and to figure out a proper dose because there aren’t enough clinical trials to show how much you should be really taking.” Some herbs might work together badly with medicines you’re on and trigger well being points, she provides. “That’s a big one. You want to be careful.”

Zumpano says the identical steering goes for utilizing berries generally marketed as diuretics, comparable to hawthorn and juniper.

However, she notes you will get diuretic results by sprinkling parsley in a salad, rice, a sauce, or soup, or including the herb to a smoothie or juice. “Incorporate herbs into your diet via a meal, not in a pill or liquid concentrated form,” Zumpano says. Hibiscus tea, which is natural and doesn’t have caffeine, is one other good possibility.


Caffeine is a pure diuretic, which is fortunate for individuals who take pleasure in espresso and tea. Zumpano says black and inexperienced teas are greatest should you’re on the lookout for diuretic drinks, not least as a result of you understand how a lot you’re ingesting. “Teas are a little easier to regulate,” Zumpano says. “You have a teabag. You’re not taking a pill or a vitamin or concentrated form of it. You’re drinking a glass of piping hot tea or iced tea.”


Exercise is without doubt one of the simpler pure diuretics, since getting your coronary heart price up will assist flow into no matter fluid you’ve got constructed up. “It’s tremendously helpful to move that fluid around in your body,” Zumpano says.

Weight loss

Weight loss is one other not-so-surprising pure diuretic — in any case, about 60% of your physique is water, so shedding weight is one option to scale back fluid retention.

Reduce sodium consumption

If you’re attempting to get wholesome sufficient so that you don’t want diuretic medicines, however wish to resolve a few of your fluid retention naturally, scale back your salt consumption. “If you’re eating a high-salt diet, you’re going to retain a lot more fluid,” Zumpano says. “Naturally eliminating fluids with healthy foods, exercise and reducing salt intake is very safe.” Being aware of liquids which may be secretly filled with salt, like soda, can also be key.

Can pure diuretics be harmful?

If you’ve overdone it with the food and drinks, Zumpano says altering your way of life for just a few days (or upping your time on the health club) will help scale back the fluid you’re retaining. “There is no harm in consuming foods and beverages that are natural diuretics, especially as a part of a whole food-based eating plan, along with decreasing salt and increasing water intake and increasing your movement.”

She does advocate being cautious about not overdoing it. For instance, should you excrete an excessive amount of water out of your physique, your electrolyte ranges may very well be thrown out of stability, which may trigger you to really feel poorly or might even result in additional well being considerations. “You do want to be careful with that,” Zumpano says. “That’s why you need to eat a balanced diet, to replenish some of those electrolyte losses.”

Starting to take water capsules or one other diuretic once you don’t want one additionally isn’t a good suggestion. “You should not be taking a diuretic if you’re not retaining water,” says Zumpano. “Only take a diuretic if it’s prescribed by a healthcare provider.”

Zumpano additionally says you must search medical consideration if you’re noticing fluid retention on a constant foundation.

“If you experience bloating or edema that has been persistent — and it’s not just circumstantial, like associated near your menstrual cycle or after a heavy weekend of eating — definitely see a healthcare provider. It’s advised to have a proper health screening and your blood pressure checked. There may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.” 

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