TikTok has blown up with all types of recommendation influencers over the previous few years, with creators giving tips on all the things from train and gardening to courting and journey. One space of TikTok that has been fairly fashionable just lately is “VaginaTok,” the place creators- some, like actual life OB/GYN @anniedeliversmd are licensed medical practitioners, most are not- supply tips, recommendation, and schooling on numerous facets of vaginal well being.

The upside of VaginaTok is that it sparks open dialog about subjects like intervals, sexual pleasure, and reproductive anatomy that was thought of taboo. As schools within the U.S. typically fall brief with regards to educating youngsters and youngsters about sexual well being, many individuals of all ages flock on-line to study intercourse schooling and medical recommendation. However, getting your well being info from social media is all the time iffy, as there isn’t any assure or screening for the validity. At the top of the day, it’s necessary to hunt medically correct sources similar to a licensed doctor or peer-reviewed research.

In this text, we’re going to check out a number of the prime VaginaTok tendencies and see in the event that they maintain medical advantage, or in the event that they’re only a fantasy.

Vaginal Splinting

Vaginal splinting refers to a digital evacuation technique of relieving constipation or incomplete evacuation (feeling just like the bowel hasn’t been cleared) the place the lady presses on the vaginal wall together with her fingers to help with evacuating stool out of the rectum. @ambriaalicewalterfield first popularized the pattern in Feb 2021 (although her account is now personal), and it rapidly swept the web, with numerous commenters sharing how they observe it as nicely. 

Vaginal splinting is definitely a reasonably commonplace observe amongst girls, with the University of Michigan’s medical blog estimating “that up to 30% of women use this technique to occasionally help with bowel movements.” 

For girls with pelvic flooring dysfunction- widespread amongst those that have given birth- could discover it troublesome to have a bowel motion, as straining can weaken the pelvic flooring and exacerbate points like pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Although vaginal splinting is usually carried out with fingers, you too can use a tampon to press towards the again wall of the vagina in case you are uncomfortable with utilizing your fingers.

Verdict: FACT


Our our bodies naturally secrete pheromones that broadcast sexual attraction, and bodily secretions like vaginal discharge include pheromones. So utilizing vaginal secretions as fragrance equals heightening your sexual attractiveness? This pseudoscientific chain of reasoning blew up final 12 months with #vabbing throughout TikTok and doubtful claims of success attracting companions, similar to  @jewlieah’s viral video of vabbing on the gymnasium. 

However, the concept has been debunked as an empty pattern. There isn’t any scientific analysis to again up the declare that utilizing vaginal secretions as fragrance can enhance your odds of attracting a mate, and “vabbing” as a observe hasn’t been studied in a managed atmosphere. If you do resolve to strive it out, it’s necessary to maintain hygiene and well being in thoughts; ensure that your vaginal well being is on level and also you’re not spreading any micro organism or STIs. Wash your palms totally earlier than and after “harvesting” the vaginal fluid, and don’t do it if you realize you’ve gotten an STI.

Verdict: FICTION

Stopping Your Period With Ibuprofen

Cardi B first popularized this idea again in 2019 when she revealed in an interview that she drank a “special cocktail” of ibuprofen and gelatin to cease her interval bleeding so she may have intercourse together with her now-husband Offset. The pattern re-circulated by TikTok final 12 months, with hashtags like #periodstopper.

While ibuprofen could assist with delaying or lightening intervals, it isn’t designed to halt one completely and there are not any ensures that it’s going to work. The anti-inflammatory drug may be helpful for lightening heavy flows, however should you’re trying to delay your subsequent interval, try hormonal contraception choices or different forms of short-term medicines.

Verdict: FICTION

Balancing Hormones With One Bowel Movement Per Day

One considerably misinterpreted fantasy that grew to become fashionable on TikTok was that bowel actions immediately assist to steadiness hormones. More particularly, that anyone with a uterus should have every day bowel actions in an effort to steadiness their hormones. Having common bowel actions IS an indication that your hormones are balanced, and hormones can affect bowel movements- however it doesn’t work the opposite manner round. 

Verdict: FICTION

Innie/Outie Vaginas

TikTok can typically be a spot the place individuals come collectively and uncover that they’re not alone. @gabygabss’s viral video evaluating labia to stomach buttons- a few of us have outies, and a few of us have innies- celebrates all sizes and styles of vulva, as a result of that’s how they arrive! There’s nothing shameful or unattractive about having “outie” labia, identical to having an “outie” stomach button! 

Verdict: FACT

Meta: TikTok presents quite a lot of medically correct and inaccurate info concerning vaginal well being and anatomy. What’s true and what’s not?

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