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5 Reasons (Besides Postpartum) Your Hair Could Be Falling Out In Clumps

If you’ve got already gone by means of postpartum hair loss, like I did, then it may well really feel like a merciless accident to really feel such as you’ve started shedding again years into motherhood. But it may well occur — for a lot of causes — main you to surprise, Why is my hair falling out in clumps? “Hair loss could be due to so many things,” says Ranella Hirsch, MD, a Board Certified Dermatologist in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Stress. COVID. Hormonal imbalance or thyroid dysfunction. There’s a long list of things that can trigger more-than-usual hair loss.”

How you deal with it, Dr. Hirsch says, depends upon whether or not your hair loss is “appropriate” given no matter you might be going through. “I don’t use the word ‘normal’ because hair loss is such an intensely upsetting issue,” Dr. Hirsch explains. “It isn’t a binary ‘normal versus abnormal’ thing.” That stated, chemotherapy is predicted to cause hair loss, however one thing like financial strain normally doesn’t make your hair fall out (although it’s potential).

To get to the, uh, root of the issue, you actually ought to see your main care physician or dermatologist, and presumably a therapist. But in the event you’re into attempting to self-diagnose earlier than you search an skilled, listed below are 5 potential causes of hair loss.


I’ve a good friend who misplaced hair when she was going through a divorce. That type of trauma — like if you lose a guardian or have a really unwell baby or undergo some kind of an accident — can result in stress-induced hair loss. The scientific identify for it’s telogen effluvium, and it is primarily additionally what occurs to you after you give delivery: Your physique goes by means of a shock, both bodily or emotional or each, that disrupts the common hair-growth cycle in order that hairs come out .

The silver lining is that this stress-induced hair loss is normally momentary and never a lifelong situation. There are steps you can take to deal with stress-induced hair loss that primarily embody the fundamentals of tension administration: maintaining a healthy diet meals and getting sufficient sleep, plus attempting meditation, yoga, and/or remedy. You can attempt shampoos for hair loss. You may additionally contemplate hair extensions for this or any type of hair loss. Then you need to wait it out, and it could possibly be six months earlier than new hair begins filling in.

If you do not really feel like your stress stage is the reason for your hair loss, maintain researching.

Illness, Including Covid and Thyroid Issues

The toll of battling an illness can also make your hair fall out. This is telogen effluvium once more: Your physique has been shocked, and after a interval of your hair resting and never going by means of the same old growth-and-shed cycle, it might shed .

Thyroid issues and the ensuing hormone imbalance are additionally well-known for inflicting thinning hair, and there are different subtle symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, together with fatigue. Your physician or an endocrinologist can use a blood check to test you for thyroid points and assist you to get therapy.

Thinning With Age

I’m so sorry to write down that female pattern hair loss is an actual factor. In medical phrases, it’s a type of androgenetic alopecia, and tens of millions of ladies get it and should work to deal with their thinning hair. Usually, your half will get wider. You could discover a bald patch, although not often do ladies go actually bald the way in which males do. If you continue to have younger children at dwelling, it is much less probably that you just’re on the post-menopausal stage when hair loss resulting from age kicks in, however like with so many issues, each hormones and genetics play a job.

If your thinning is because of getting older, the dangerous information is that any such hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) would not reverse itself just like the stress-induced variety (telogen effluvium). Ways to slow your hair loss embody rigorously selecting which merchandise you utilize and what hair equipment you put on. You may also be a part of the legion of older ladies who undertake stylish, shorter haircuts and quit on ponytails. (I’m actually combating that final one, holding on to my little ponytail prefer it’s my final drop of youth, however I’ll let it go ultimately.)


This will get trickier as a result of what you ingest may set off both type of hair loss, the reversible variety or the regular variety. And you need to weigh the potential facet impact of thinning hair in opposition to beating no matter medical situation you might be combating. The AARP lists eight types of drugs that could cause hair loss, together with widespread issues like some antidepressants, blood stress meds, and prescriptions for pimples. If you suppose your hair loss could possibly be resulting from a prescription, speak to your physician to see if there’s one thing else you could possibly attempt as a substitute.

Your Hair Routine

I can communicate to this from expertise. I’ve all the time had skinny hair, and within the bleary days of early motherhood, I learn that a straightforward technique to give it extra quantity was to sleep with it mounted in a bun on prime of my head, then shake it out within the morning. Unfortunately, after years of that, my hair was so damaged that, particularly on the nape of my neck, it was virtually nonexistent. My stylist confronted me with a mirror and the query “what is going on back here?” Suddenly all of it clicked: My nighttime routine, on auto-pilot, was destroying my hair.

Other magnificence efforts that may break your hair embody bleaching, perming, utilizing excessive warmth too usually, and a host of other things, even brushing an excessive amount of and, sarcastically, these hair extensions (use cautiously!).

None of us can get again our 15-year-old locks. But we are able to maintain on to what hair we have, as greatest we are able to.

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