5 Moves to Build up Your Upper Body Without a Bench Press

If the considered taking your shirt off this summer season is making you wish to run to the closest bench press, you may be shocked to be taught that you simply don’t really want one. 

“One of the best ways to build the chest muscles is through ‘hugging’ exercises, NOT pushing exercises like the bench press,” says Fyt NASM Certified Personal Trainer Andrew Laux. “You don’t need a bench press to properly train your chest. The only time you need a bench press setup is if you specifically want to get bigger and stronger in the bench press.”

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So whether or not you don’t have entry to a bench press setup otherwise you’re merely bored together with your present chest exercise routine, you’ll be able to completely swap issues up whereas constructing muscle. 

Importance of Developing Chest Muscles

The one factor you don’t wish to do, nevertheless, is skip chest exercises altogether. While there are aesthetic causes for creating your chest muscle tissue, there are additionally practical ones. 

“There are many benefits of having a strong chest. Functionally speaking, the chest muscles are really important for all of your favorite activities and sports – think running, throwing a baseball, or climbing a tree,” says Laux. “The chest is the engine behind pushing and grappling type movements. The stronger your chest, the easier it will be to complete your favorite activities.”

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And sure, having a much bigger chest may also really feel good and enhance your confidence once you look within the mirror. 

“Aesthetically speaking, the chest is the muscle group that stands out on most men because it just so happens to be the muscle group closest to the face. Developing a bigger and stronger chest builds a stronger posture and presence. In short, a big chest makes you look strong!” 

Best Chest Moves Without A Bench Press

Ready to include a wide range of chest strikes that don’t require a bench press in your health routine? Laux shared the 5 simplest, no-bench-press chest builders that will help you do exactly that. 

Dumbbell Chest Fly 

“The chest muscles are designed to hug and that is what the chest fly mimics. If you complete a chest fly properly, you will feel all aspects of the chest fire,” says Laux. 

  • Start mendacity flat in your again on a bench whereas holding dumbbells.
  • With a small elbow bend, open your arms as should you have been flying.
  • Once the burden will get to the tip of your peripheral imaginative and prescient, hug the burden again up by squeezing your chest muscle tissue collectively. 

Wide-Base Push-up

Graphic of man doing a wide base push up

According to Laux, not solely is that this body weight transfer nice as a result of you are able to do it wherever, however few issues are as practical and impactful as pushing your total physique off the bottom. And this push-up variation permits for deeper chest engagement than your common go-to. 

  • Start in a push-up place, together with your again straight and core engaged, besides with a wider hand place.
  • Make certain to steer the push up out of your chest – not your shoulders – for correct muscle activation. 

Single-Arm Dumbbell Chest Press

Graphic of man doing a single dumbbell chest press

Single-arm actions are nice for correcting imbalances whereas constructing energy and mass.  

“Sometimes it’s too easy to cheat with your stronger side when bench pressing. This exercise is a great way to force your non-dominant arm and chest to work harder and get stronger without the help of your dominant side,” says Laux. 

  • Lay in your again on a bench with a dumbbell extending over your shoulder. Pull the burden down in order that your elbow is 45 levels out of your aspect.
  • Use your chest and arm to raise the burden again to the beginning place, and do not forget to make use of your core.  

Cable Machine Low-to-High Chest Fly

Graphic of man doing Cable Machine Low-to-High Chest Fly

If you’ve entry to a cable machine and also you’re not getting essentially the most of it throughout your chest or higher physique exercise, do this transfer and by no means look again. 

  • “With the handles of the cable machine on the ground, concurrently seize the left deal with together with your proper hand and the suitable deal with together with your left hand to type a cross together with your arms.
  • Extend your arms outward right into a Y form. This train does an important job partaking all points of the chest,” says Laux.  

A bonus with this one, in keeping with Laux, there’s one thing about selecting up heavy issues that makes you are feeling primal. One of the unwanted effects of this train is feeling like a complete badass.  

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 

Graphic of man doing Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Did you already know that your chest ought to play an enormous function in a traditional shoulder press should you’re doing it proper?  

  • In a seated place, raise your chest and switch your gaze to the ceiling.
  • Open each arms at a 90-degree angle together with your palms going through ahead.
  • Use your chest and arms to increase the weights over your head, then deliver the weights down and repeat. 

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